Micheal: Alright Dr. Free we’re back Micheal: and we’re playing Surgeon Simulator 2013 Gavin: Dr. Jones Micheal:and we’re playing Surgeon Simulator 2013 Micheal: the FULL version now available on Steam Gavin: I’m surprised we got hired again by this hospital Micheal: Yeah well, you know fucking budget cuts and you know people were let go and we’re probably the only surgeons that will work for
minimum wage Gavin: You’re waiting on me again are you? Gavin: You’re waiting on me again are you?
Micheal: Yeah, we’re waiting on you Micheal: So once again, you control the hand, Micheal: you’re already fucking breaking everything…
Gavin: Christ ali- *laughs* Micheal: you’re already fucking breaking everything…
Gavin: There goes the menu Micheal: There’s way more shit for you to break and I guess I have the fingers again, if I Yep. Let me, Okay How do- wait, how do I make that go? Micheal: *mumbling*
Gavin: Oh bloody- My watch came off. Micheal: How did you lose your watch? Wait, wh- How do I move my thumb? Gavin: Was that watch on me? Micheal: Stop! What, the hell are my controls again?
Gavin: *laughs* Gavin: Drill! 😀 Micheal: Alright Micheal: Pff- Fucking A
Gavin:*laughs* Micheal: Pff- Fucking A
Gavin: Immediately lets get a dril Micheal: Hang on Micheal: Hang on (x2) Micheal: I’m a bit- Micheal: I’m a bit rusty on how to work my fucking hands Micheal: I’m a bit rusty on how to work my fucking hands
Gavin: You are VERY rusty. Gavin: …God Sake Micheal: Gavin,
Gavin: …God Sake Micheal: Don’t drill directly into his fucking brain Gavin: AAAAAAHHH- Ok, just… Micheal: *quietly* There you go…
Gavin: AAAAAAHHH- Ok, just.. Gavin: Okay, good. Micheal: Alright Micheal:That’s actually working pretty well
Gavin: This is very *???* Gavin: Yeah Micheal:You’re fucking drilling his lungs open I think right there but… Gavin: *laughs* Micheal: Gavin GO FOR THE BONES! COME ON! Gavin: *weird noise* Micheal: Gavin..
Gavin: *laughs* Micheal: Gavin!
Gavin: *laughs* Gavin: My watch came off! Micheal: Your watch is just gonna-
Gavin: My watch came off! Micheal: Your watch is gonna fall into his stomach dude. Gavin: What time is it? Micheal: Fuck me…
Gavin: *laughs* Gavin: It’s time for a new body! Micheal: Pepper along the sides there Gavin: I’m pretty sure the manual for this drill would not have a picture of a hand holding it Micheal: I’m surprised it’s working pretty great upside-down Micheal: I’m surprised it’s working pretty great upside-down
Gavin: AAH! God- bloody went into his ear! Micheal: Jesus Christ…
Gavin: *laughs* Micheal: The drill’s fallen into the crevice. There’s no way to get it Gavin: Alright, lets see what we- can we get any of this out? Micheal: Yeah, throw your hand in there I’ll just try to rip his fucking ribs out again Gavin: Are you grabbing? Micheal: I’m grabbing right now. Gavin: You’re not grabbing. Micheal: Yeah…
Gavin: You’re not grabbing anything. Micheal: Put your hand down. Gavin: There you go! Micheal: Dude…
Gavin: *laughs* Micheal: Okay : – l Micheal: Is there a fucking water bottle on the- on the table? Gavin: That’s Orange Burst Micheal: Ah, of course.
Gavin *laughs* Micheal: An empty fucking bottle of Orange Burst.
Gavin *laughs* Gavin:I got a Syringe and a Pizza Cutter Micheal: Oh alright, lets- Micheal: Dude, we’re dual”surger-izing” I now. Gavin: *laughs* Gavin: Numbing the pain, Micheal: Yeah,
Gavin: Numbing the pain, Gavin: while causing the pain, This is great! Micheal: Yeah…
Gavin: while causing the pain, This is great! Micheal: …and his gonna be dead in
Gavin *Grunting noises* Micheal: 3, 2, 1 Micheal: … Micheal: Wait for it Micheal: He’s Dead.
Gavin: Not the- Not the best start. Gavin: *Reads achievement* Pinky Swear Micheal: Gavin, there are now Achievements,
Gavin: *Reads achievement* Pinky Swear, what does that mean? Micheal: In this.
Gavin: That’s top. Michael: Look at that grip! It’s like a 13 year old jerking off Michael: Look at that grip! It’s like a 13 year old jerking off
Gavin: We seem to be using the blunt end Gavin: It’s just bouncing off
Michael: [sighs] Shit! Alright alright Stop! (x4) Fucking pick it up again put your hand down (x2)
Gavin: He’s bleeding! Michael: PUT YOUR HAND ON THE HANDLE THAT THE END
Gavin: My bloody watch! Michael: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? WHY ARE YOU WEARING A WATCH IN THE FUCKING SURGERY ROOM? Michael: You hit him in the face with a saw. Ya FLUNG it at him Michael: Pick it up! Pick it up! You got the WRONG. END. Again! Micheal: You’re gonna cut his throat again! Michael: Lower your hand
Gavin: These- Oh, I’m doing the hand down- Michael: Yeah, well pick it up from the side. Michael: OK. Get the saw Gavin: That’s a pen Michael: Get the saw [let’s out a airy laugh] Michael: There we go. You ready?
Gavin: Grab it Michael: Boosh… didn’t get it Gavin: Indeed! Michael: Alright. Whoa! What the fuck was that? You just stabbed yourself!
Gavin: Aaugh! We’re on drugs! Gavin: AAAAAAAAGGGHHH Hoo hoo HOO!
Michael: Uh, OK so now we’re high- Michael: as FUCK performing surgery.
Gavin: Agh! I want the Orange Burst! Michael: Ohhh my God Gavin: Give me the Orange Burst!
Michael: That- Michael: That was not Orange Burst Michael: I think there was something else in there
Gavin: Aaugh! Augh haha! [Yelling in amazement] Gavin: Aaaagh dude! Augh ha messed up! WUHHH *shakes patient’s head* Michael: Gav… Gavin… Stop
Gavin: I’m losing my mind G: Let’s get these pens :3 M: *sighs* FOR WHAT?! What are we gonna get the pens for?! M: We have to cut his chest open, man!
G: I’m off my tits, I can’t cut anything! M: So you want PENS?! To do WHAT with?!
G: *laughs slightly* I don’t know! M: Grab the hammer– and there goes the drill…
G: Woah! The drill’s gone off! There goes the drill. M: Drill’s got a mind of its own.
G: Oookay… M: Alright…So-
G: W-where’s- how long’s, uh.. M: You hit him in the fucking face with the hammer. He’s got a black eye now. He’s gonna wake up from heart surgery with a black eye. M: Be like ‘what the fuck happened’?
G: Which one’s– G: Which one’s his real head?
M: You’re fucking murdering this guy
G: *chuckling lightly* G: Is his lung out yet? M: E-everything’s out, dude.
G: Alright, get rid of that. Let go.
M: Alright, get rid of that… M: Yeah we got– we got about 25 seconds to take care of this
G: I’m just gonna see if I can calm down and maybe, like, have a drink or something…
M: Uh huh.. M: You wanna grab the orange burst down there?
G: Nah, that’s gone. *laughs*
M: Yeah, it’s on the crevice. It’s also gone. M: The crevice is the, uh, the unreachable spot
G: It seems like that– Gavin: I wonder if that happens to real surgeons where they get stuff stuck down the bed
Michael: Yeah. Yeah they just leave it down there. M: Forever. G: [sheepish] He’s dead. H-he’s gone.
M: [amsued] Are you just givin’ it up?
G: [laughing] Yeah M: Neeext!
G: It’s really hard when you’re bloody off your tits on drugs. M: ‘Cuz we were doing great before that
G: *laughs* G: Hammer!
M: Okay, hammer. Let’s see you fuck this up.
G: Bloody watch came off.
M: There goes your watch again. M: Apparently if you touch anything, your wa– ‘kay there you go, fucking, he’ll hang onto that.
G: *laughs* M: Souvenir… M: He’ll, like, wake up in his bed, like ‘how did I get this watch’?
G: *laughs* He’s gonna— M: ‘It was all a dream!’ ‘Whaaat?!’
G: Oh bloody–! M: You just hit him right in the fucking face mask with a hammer.
G: There you go…It is bloody hard to break his ribs now. M: I like how you saw with the fucking hammer M: Like you use the hammer to saw back and
forth, but the saw you use to try and cut his throat
G: *laughs* G: [softly] God…
M: Holy shit!
G: *laughs* Bloody, what was that?
M: Yeah, don’t mind that.. M: Just bounced off the fucking pump.
G: I think that actually went in the bin– Oh, that’s the pump!
M: *snickers* Yeah, it’s not a bin. That’s– M: That’s ONLY thing keeping that guy alive right now because WE definitely are not…
G: *laughing* Alright! G: He’s gonna– *continues to laugh*
M: You hit him in the fucking cheek with the hammer.
G: He’s gonna…let’s like *laughing continues*
M: Just give him a little tap-a-rooni. M: You’re just drilling his organs now…
G: I wonder if I can change the battery of my watch while I’m–
M: Alright, get it– M: Get it–get it out of there! You’re just– M: You’re murdering him, stop.
G: Okay
M: Alright. Just try and grab some..junk M: Okay, well that’s interesting..
G: The drill–
M: How is that still going?!
G: The drill’s on sti– G: AHHH!
M: Yeah, I can fucking see THAT!
G: G-get it out
M: *snickers* Alright, let’s grab the drill. Just chuck it. Alright, that’s fine! M: That’s fine, it’s fine! G: Alright, let’s try and preserve–
M: We’re gonna rip that through his bones.
G: Bloody drill’s still going *laughs* M: Alright…Ffffucking– M: Goddamn it, dude..
G: Alright, we gotta break that…little bit of rib G: So Imma use this…
M: Probably gonna drop– Oh, dude! Masterful pick-up. THERE we go! We’re holding it the right way– Nevermind… M: Forget it(x2). That drill is fucking insane over there.
G: *laughs* M: Okay here we go, we got the scalpel. The drill is drilling into…
G: *still laughing* M: …our fucking lung, like, over… outside of our body. M: Don’t cut it up!
G: *laughs* I was tryin’ to move it!
M: Stop! M: Just cut the damn thing, just cut the fucking thing!
G: Alright(x2), in we go!
M: I guess. M: I don’t fuckin’ know! I’ve no idea! We supposed to cut this!? Are we cutting parts that we shouldn’t be!? G: No, we just– we’re just tryin’ cut the heart.. Is that done?
M: No, it’s still pumping.
G: Alright.. G: Is that clangin’ around or somethin’? G: Is th– Did you drop your keys in there or somethin’? M: No, you threw your fuckin’ WATCH in there though!
G: *laughs* M: He’s fucking bleeding everywhere! LOOK AT HIM! M: Holy shit!(x2) LOOK at him!
G: I don’t how to cut this! M: Fucking shhhit
G: Bloody scalpel’s cutting up his insides and the drill is drilling his lung. G: The watch is somewhere…*laughs slightly*
M: This guy is getting FUCKED from, like, six different angles. M: *making strange grunting noises* Ohhh, you fucking moved his head! G: He could’ve been chokin’ M: Okay Aww fuck. *Gavin chuckling* M: Hang on M: No don’t knOCK IT OFF THE TABLE! G: Wait M: It’s gone it’s too far *Gavin laughing in the background* M: It’s too far gone G: SCISSORS! *Michael mumbling*: fucking christ M: Grab the whole box- box oF SCISSORS fucking chuck that in there!
*Gavin laughing* Did that solve the problem?
*Gavin wheezes* M: Just fuckin’- just plunge it into his chest and fish it-
G:It’s ruining my own arm-ow OW
M:Gavin- M: God dammit G:I shouldn’t cut it out, I don’t know how to get out M: I DON’T KNOW EITHER
G: alright Last one did we use the pizza cutter? M: The pizza cutter for the bone-that thing wasn’t there last time though. He didn’t have that- G: The drill’s spinning through the air in slow mo G: 3-2-1 GO
M: How do I move his pinky? G: Alright, I’m gonna try and keep my damn watch on
M: I feel like if I can move my pinky it’d be more efficient
G: Hey should we get-should we get an achievement M: Uhhokay, how do we an achievement
G: Swear at ‘im M: uhhhhUhhhh G: You are just terrible with th-not the shaka jesus
*Michael still uh’ing* M:uhhh uhhhh *Michael sighs deeply* M: uhhh uhhhhhh uhhhh
*Gavin chuckling* G: COME ON DUDE M: I don’t know how to move the pinky M: OP! It’s ‘a’! G: hmmmm
M: Dude Jack was on top of that hang on (x5) M: eHHHHHH go fuck yourself
G: eHHHHHHH M: fucked-we’re flicking the bean
G: Again! M: We got a fucking achievement! Flick the bean! *Gavin mumbles something*
M: Flicking the bean! G: Alright. M: Dude diddle his peepee diddle his peepee. Go down. *Gavin laughing* M: Go down. M: dooloolooolooloolooloooloo dooloo dooloo loo dooloo loo
*Gavin almost laughing his ass off* M: Goochie-goochie goo G: Aw we’re gonna be here for the rest of our lives
M: No Dude Gavin now we have such an advantage cause my pinky is fully operational G: haha yeah, we’ve upgraded
M: Except for that little spasm right then Let’s use the fucking pizza cutter. Why not. right? G: I’ve just gotta be careful not to shoot up while I’m doing it
M: Make some pizza! It’s it’s on top of the drugs G: My bloody watch came off!
M: I-I don’t know why we keep putting it back on M: Ohhhh my God we almost lost it Get that fucking coffee cup out of the way *Gavin chuckling* M: Smooth G: Should we feed him coffee? M: Get the- *sighs deeply* G: Alright, let’s… M: Okay here we go here we go
G: Now…Oh my god that is optimum M:let’s slice this fuck to bits. Y’know For his own safety M: Let’s get all that shit outta him. He’s bleeding out fast. We need to get that fucking heart in there. G: Oookay let’s get the lungs out. Quickly. Let’s rip- M: It went right back inside of him *Gavin laughing* G: Aw that’s rough
M: Okay wedge that out G: Alright
M: Just fucking chuck it. We don’t-I don’t give a fuck It’s not going back in dude G: Bloody hell
M: Holy shit G: It’s like the Big Bang is happening in his chest.
M: Come on. Fucking pull. Put your back into it. M: Nngh! Pull it! M: Pull!
G: Get out! M: You’re so close dude M: There you go okay
G: We’re good M: alright
G: He’s really bleeding M: How the hell do we get the heart past his fuckin’-
G: Drill? M: throat. homemade all don’t know if done anything I don’t
think we can get that new a huge all my god how much do that stop codon
50th yeah I love him like it goes good kid of we are not wholly shit I was pretty
awesome called the pub do you make usually take the
stomach out when you have a heart I you not usually that want to offer okay us here look is it was plugged I just
letting boy I’m glad area okay well okay flat-out doing it again as long as
I doubted US well I mean what up mama cod
up alright settle %ah maybe to do that yeah
must provide 0 was is located in things that like
liberals get here at all I caught it all ok oh yeah of holy shit sterilize make you feel like a pizza due
to go to North let’s just get rid I’m not but now back
in any way ready hero Jack hook I your booking him okay got extra pill announced a shit alright
back in the gut okay so my bleeding yet that’s that goes excellent that nice I actual special type a
scalpel an upcoming let’s move %uh okay that’s
done are cut we gotta get the fucking
esophagus out there are due to be bent did its fuckin point
down now we can the touch it was also taken
some constantly a ton it’s not a up up up well shit you were a sinister I get
into grad that fucking hard day although she okay haha II right ok fuckin get rid of it are area fucking check that piece a shit for the
love of God Gavin I finally inside him so we can move
Hoglund get your hand out of the box alright gently a ball haven’t caught fucking drug him
in the face with a puck in case Michael: Pick it up.
Gavin: Alright. Michael: (singsong voice) Lower your hand… Michael: I’m gonna fucking punch you in the face if you fuck this up Michael: (very soft voice) OK Now just drop-
Gavin: Ooohhh! Gavin: What a drip
Michael: Drop it inside of him Gavin: (anticipatory tone) Go for it? Gavin: WOOHOO!
Michael: OHHH! fuckin finally we gonna see
congratulations file advisory gotta see I considered continue perform adult
kidney transplant aka easy write bloody change of scenery play okay interesting get the fuck of all
bloody got out so what was the last guy
contested I fucking no now before we got there we
cut lowered outlook see do what we were hoping for yeah it makes sense not the right are due to
kick the ball but all I is a key people with the other
that’s a fuckin kidney to what is this thing it’s like a shove it up his ass oh my
god you’re slayton pieces with it I wonder if we stabbing Michael he
bleeds slower oh yes let’s try grabbing a needle and not speaking ourselves with
okay rabbit yes because this will stop the
bleeding okay fucking javan right neck of heart do you
have worked going I think I do you work either
bleeding anymore goes the New York NY out of Neil stock
in its blocking brain look at it he’s dead he’s gonna fuckin
coma now it was a hot tips that could get that she looks great looks great back to the
stunning go back down Gavin Gavin what are you
doing what are you doing the pizza Co is is
the correct I’ll try to grab got to 0 after you for that cup at not anymore hotly contested guy right let’s cuz got out through the
spring but not you will say that for all right now I want to speak with one of
our plastic spoon with bloody when the plug socket all man
is used plastics limited when we won this Tweet we stop talking
with head with a high was easy to read 00 highs
yeah I you know what they want to do that live right no
that is not a higher I am in all my God look at that when
atoms are you human nevermind this guy is like in all my dolly Hidalgo same indestructible and
then olives pyrite email let’s get the new
folder the kidneys at them up top as long as you don’t know it just bought
as long as you use it down at the back bottom up top in early pilots who put in for kidneys let’s play
but we look at the the new kidney to sign of a good idea actually the
Doubletree harking God looks like beans right that’s why the
cocky i right I you’ve solved the mystery alright did
with this machine let’s just are with emergency stop whole yet you swap them goal up what is that
thing look to the right to the right good right was that supply the blood no
underneath the bag boy on the table was at with that arguably radio Michael: (quiet voice) It’s not really at all Michael: You just yanked something. IT’S A LASER BEAM!
Gavin: Augh! Bloody laser cut- Gavin: Ohhh. Myyy. God. WOOO!
Michael: Ohh shit! team Wally here shoes dust I got was given up her I just obviously nothing you measuring the
nad-e I look for this later down buy it with a laser down like I do the
later the fuckin tr2 just float all got no no Lego my god damn it like a trap in the temple
ado yeah it is gathering Gavin Gavin cabin of your laser ring is yeah it looks like Anakin skywalk now how do you look at all the good I
know I have to run the machine sup your a ballgame not damnit dynamic yeah where is it the most lethal kids to have often share
yes just for our parties away well that’s just a tard not
ok came in their quest Gavin you 100 Michael: STOP! You’re gonna fuckin’ smother him
Gavin: *snickers* Michael: You’re gonna smother him to death. You’re putting the fucking sheet over his head. He’s already dead Michael: You’re culling him Michael: Like fuck it. Why bother? why are you doing it again is at least
from the major should I assume you up that late to it
that way yet either lectern for your hand left to the left that’s the right to cut now by Buffalo
finger aliquot yeah I’ll to him permafrost you have to cut every that get a thing
again at it down down like yours dick you probably can’t
get it how many for old shakiness through your watch across the looking
object watch by alright so we’re going with the laser
Gea what’s fuck it right up dude he’s losing fuckin 14 leaders
second if we could find a place to cut wood exact how the surgery work I could find
out how to pull this guy’s intestines out me the next patient with a chance to
live ok got out without ok love on I gotta
gotta gotta question we got we got a block the laser from never rain delay good revenue a good
little brother Neil Cavuto repair go look at it brother jump in the
neck to him her stab in the back of the head
gasket Stabbin 07 get alt of God damnit stop bleeding ok places like to go added a cup Diego okay
first fuckin put that aside yet the needle of
and jabbed him in the face oak Rd pleaded yet not too much Apple we
can we can save why what is with this fucking watch dude you not gonna put on right don’t fuckin
where you getting everything but the new york holy shit got yeah I did art were performing the shit
anyway high as fuck what topic radical right
grabs but got two children amount get lies in what okay got at all okay home now go back lab among grab the
solution is coming out his mouth landscape when I’m driving up with the
drug it departures were not much not lol that the spoon nurse drugs 0 go to go
for it go for it are you sure what you see in shit okay
but let them next time in the neck was there are your okay his blood is blood lot
going on up what that guy was this your fuckballs no yeah your fuckin I’ll of ending you murdered him maybe that
but it wasn’t there maybe it was a two-state solution baby I
just jabs over the peace the brake problems like gonna stab him in the neck
with the PC class that’s what happened they don’t do drugs
this alright I’ve got some or all the story a trance you up come on you balk skipper another by don’t like over over here let
you know that I’ll nope yeah hold on OK Jesus Christ I fuckin rip that shit out and stocks
though now area put it on its head with perot I
is next look scholars yes gotta put up there get ready your fifth all makeup salty it is not I’m I think aidid lol go with the other thing alright don
meyer questions now let’s just get arrested him I lucked out alright this guy’s gonna
fuckin come out the hunger speed in these up but like I thought you watched rose
on fucking test and his face that’s fine all right we have an assortment of tools
here with a scalpel and a saw okay now we
just have the salt issue the fuckin saw really not alright just looking back in
getting theirs go to town do you want to get the
scalpel or bleeding only get get this autumn please pick me
please all right we gotta share my drug okay we now okay grab greta is the lazy to get yet
grab the Green Deal not the fucking deathly ill timed right
now it because yet that for doctor kevorkian meal Wallace
look at drill again when I did you become lab in his
face them in the face are and all did you get okay fine okay
but I still believe that they still do buy its by it one milliliter man I think it
loose okay the to go out now I thought moving out
when we go shopping and the right OKC we grab the laptop under fucking blanket now Heather okay
now that are the new york’s use the gentleman gently here we hang on punch in the face
I him is my one thing me know I fucking
granny suck flapping around caman you having alcee polaroid gotta I
can’t find work it will win it all went out in it for the new one in four
kidneys is fine out will run at double capacity by fucking text about ready one see 3 0 I buckingham Daisy that’s fine without
buyers but then above it up to the right but that one up so it’s like near that
yellow thing but not that he had no idea what I did in their yes the new kidney yes quick a good
thing okay I think good good not God ok or fuck i funny was from it grab it I can’t grab bag
black that was it profit right now all you do is bob the other ones in the
place I don’t like you try a fucking take the old one out his kidneys are gonna work when ur
laying at the bottom is fuckin stomach yet to put them up to the other top
video and workout his problem in a book and put into place was transplanted levy other in who gives
a shit I’ll reply to all the other part I just
got the new one out just how much do we do that without surgery works you think they
take your fucking heart out get a heart transplant this push it to the side but give you a
new one no one fucking go through all that gramm lasers got deleted by laser done clean okay intestines
we’re getting good at this you okay fucking hold capital what fucking head alright overtime is grab graph I can’t grab when it outside might bomb big problem for the
struggle I got caught that if they did our shit all shit God damnit way from the back on road layout
now to Iran grout got a lot you’re right textbook textbook art slice the crap outta they got beautiful beautiful hard to get
the larger party the other thing right there right there all guys got it okay but
duty valiantly we got this okay now you wanna be an
inlet I think find it slightly don’t touch it got now you just fucking hate
it now take a flight across the room you fuckin asshole art to get kidneys
death by I if we got put your hand in the gat gat
damn stunning okay ever get his fuckin Chamillionaire day ago a go that a clean the place out not there we go there we go holy walkin one to you you not gonna let you know when you’re a
good throwing its dubious swing your arms at night around no this won’t work it does it will have
it does not shopping to be alone more stable more for good luck okay not
that into anything in now hit me in the face Gavin get the
needle out with I’ll adjust to the kidney 0 rather funky okay how they’re going to have one go
grab a book and put on the planet fuck shit shithead yeah kidney Ryan J for the love Crites just grab the new
ones and fuckin placed them at the pop up the
fucking yellow cords please don’t fucking punch them off the
table p.m. walk don’t okay two-for-one balance my a fine its fine
yeah looking to lower your hand Flickr don’t put in the middle put is
about a while ago it matters it does a guarantee with us really again yes see we got him into place stupid I get fucking told you a thousand times
in a lower it go up the luck in finding a look at 12 god damn
fucking be holy shit we also got energy it’s
called fuck you I hate her fuckin face Gavin
alright so we gotta see in a fuckin be let’s move on to the breeze cranes are
actually my special as a true lady ballots we got the fucking a orange
burst their back for more pick up the Act on picking
it up Lacombe good he’s going to get Gavin and hope you can really blood quien misled you missed them all whole haha okay
thanks holy crap you carrying mister you’ve got caught its breath of
floodlight red did you kill it might have to have
you killed me a brutal murder limit to what flapping talkin a special
quickstep told him in the side of the head with a
fuckin battle axe was it bad law alright the choice that it’s probably
pick up the soda bottle what’s bugging him a drink you thirsty
drink up your fuckin tumors gone don’t worry about like Ted Benecke how
do you know how to go about this which drill is fuckin por el the drill
for yeah okay all the while yeah pull up the hell by gone all right so
the brain is a little sensitive long you can’t whack the shit outta me
love you look hard boiled art okay Soviet soldiers now that we
have the key 13 soldiers shut the hell up with the keys the
brains like is to pray at we got cracked his skull with a hammer but gently okay okay okay nice n Easy nice n Easy E slowly alone slowly
fractured his skull and rip his head off the blood in the
brain I’m gonna imagine there’s someone out there all bloody hearing your head it the most
in your body good order alright there goes the hammer dodi that grabs break a grab the junk
scrap are you down got it a Cattrall rip that out we have to get are all this
pieces all my ocean ok acted it can echo a bloody me first cry keeping a
dissident hines ok hide but now playing the company the cut the
brain court I think okay try try and grab it I don’t think
we can pop it out at the flight that landed let me suck Friday I is your reaction to her don’t get back
to get the ax don’t get the ax don’t get the ax get a fuckin scalpel
you have fucking cut his brain had get a scalp couldn’t get the printer get this okay
scalpel alternate laser laser laces Sat night fucking christ look at
the laser put it inside you bakkie Dom thank you
don’t know why you always do that the job and hours you get the
new brain with a laser but okay now angle it in and try and
sever the brain Korea no based upon X down damnit oh my god arming ok it down a little holy on Friday lot dollars I B drug lab to do okay grab the drugs the
trial drug drug drug drug okay we can I double go try to get ready
I was gonna bring the Mayo docking had no brakes dominant Bremen
space I no your gonna keep it okay right okay but now it’s fun alright fine okay
I have no fucking idea how do you get out unthinking try and keep the ball towards %uh rabbit
I heart you know textbook hole in wall opposite not pop
that fucker it don’t fuck flinging around key gently gently lower your hand into the man MP skull
alleged EEYYY!!! PERFECT!
Michael: Alright Michael: Dude another achievement! Gavin: We didn’t even need the battle axe
Michael: We’re fucking tearing through this shit Gavin: Did we even keep our watch- nope we didn’t
Michael: Nah that’s fine ok got damnit with the troops tried ok air attack gramm go down hot stuff
got yeah god damnit now they’re gone but another
daughter made by do it but cut him open to leave the
heart alone man we gotta get the paper K in crimes Jesus Christ Alright [beat]
WHERE’S THE FUCKING HEART?! Well it’s on the fucking floor now I don’t think
the five second rule applies dude you’re not gonna blow the fucking dirt off it And for my next trick I will pull out his ribs