Hmm.. They’re late. Yeah well you didn’t have to run over the dog on the way in! You’re like an old lady! You’re supposed to be giving me directions! You’re supposed to tell me to turn before the turn shows up. Not see the turn and go.. NOW! Are you two going to turn the handle, or not? Get in here, and sit down. Scorpion Sit. No! Sit on the couch the way people sit on a couch. There. Was that so hard? Why’re you here Raiden?! Sub-Zero Oh my god.. You said we were gonna go see the philanthropist! I said therapist you moron! And I didn’t know you were a doctor Raiden. I’m a god. I can do whatever I want. Besides, did you two really think.. ..that I was going to have you sit in front of a normal human being.. ..and have them make sense of you? Well.. Quiet Scorpion. Today we’ll be trying to get a grip on where your heads are right now. No Scorpion. We’re going to do a simple exercise called the Rorschach test. I’m going to show you both a series of abstract images to determine your.. ..I’m gonna show you a bunch of pieces of paper with ink on them. You tell me what you see. Sub-Zero What do you see? Oh! I know this one! A snow cone.. in the north pole! Okay. Scorpion What do you see? Oh that’s easy! That’s Sub-Zero stabbing my wife in the face with my rib. Okay…? Next image. Sub-Zero What do you see? Oh! Popsicle’s! No wait! Ice cream sandwiches! Oh this is making me hungry! Are you crazy?! Thats clearly Sub-Zero taking my newborn baby and kicking it into a river.. ..filled with toxic waste from a nuclear power plant.. ..and having my baby mutate in with flippers. Why would you do this?! Stop showing me images of him doing horrible things Okay. Lets just calm ourselves down. The images aren’t depicting anything on purpose Scorpion. Your mind makes sense of the image you see. Letting me know how you think. ..Which is clearly wrong. Now one more time Sub-Zero Tell me what you see. That is a frozen Alaskan Salmon! They’re mighty tasty! Scorpion What do you see? That is a giant Gargoyle with Sub-Zero’s face on it.. ..eating my entire clan over a bowl of cereal.. ..with a pitchfork instead of a spoon to conserve milk! Where on Earth do you see that Scorpion? It’s a picture of a fish on purpose! Do you see this fish? Okay..uh.. ..I guess I can.. ..kinda see the fish.. the reflection of the spoon-fork. No Scorpion. We’re gonna move on now. Into something else. Sub-Zero Why don’t you tell me a few of the things that Scorpion does.. ..that cause you stress. Well he is trying to kill me all the time. Hey! That’s nothing to be proud of. I see. That makes sense. He just loses his temper for no apparent reason. I don’t understand. Okay! Let’s expand on that. Sub-Zero can you give me an example.. ..of the most recent time Scorpion has lost his temper? Okay! So just this morning he punched his rice krispies because he said they were “talking trash”. They were! I poured the milk in the bowl.. I distinctly heard them say.. snap crackle FUCK YOU! WHAT?! Plus he sets the bathroom on fire everytime he forgets to put the seat up! Okay. Now Scorpion.. What does Sub-Zero do.. cause you stress? Well.. He wears blue. And he.. ..chews with his mouth open.. ..I think? Mhm.. And he still calls himself by the same name as the guy who killed my whole clan! Which he tries to explain to me was actually his brothers face.. ..depicted by Quan Chi.. later kindle a forever burning desire for revenge against him. But that all sounded like a loud of crap and confused me, so I still hate him for that. Ah.. Okay.. Okay! Last thing for today.. We will try a role reversal. Sub-Zero.. will pretend to be Scorpion. And Scorpion.. will pose as Sub-Zero. Scorpion! Oh! I’m sorry..I’m just trying to kill a whole bunch of this candy. I don’t know what it is about it.. ..but I have to kill them. We’ll start with you this time. You are Sub-Zero! Go! Fine! Hey Scorpion! You know I’m smarter than you? You know that everything you do is wrong? The polar ice caps are melting, don’t you care?! Why don’t I make everything wet? Including my drool filled mask which is why I had to change it! My names Scorpion and I like to talk like Batman! I have the IQ of a Hamster.. ..And I melt all Sub-Zero’s ice cream!! I use a pile of snow as a sexual partner! Well I start forest fires with my farts! I’m freezing cold so my penis is always so small! Well I’m a skeleton.. I don’t even have a penis! Oh yeah? Well what did I use to cut your birthday cake with?! I dont know your blowtorch like chlamydia?! HEY! People like hotpockets! At least ice doesn’t give people diarrhea! Oh yeah I was supposed to be you right now! YOU’RE RIGHT! ..Plan B it is then.. Prepare to die blue! THAT’S ENOUGH YOU TWO! NO! NO! NO! I HATE YOU! I hate you too! There! Now isn’t that better? Looks like my job here is done. Now you two behave yourselves.. ..or I’ll make you kiss. Huh? ..Um.. Nice to meet you! That’s a good friend of mine right here! Yeah good friend of mine too! Nice yellow! I like that! Nice other color that you’ve got on there! Okay goodbye! Have a good day! Have a good day!