>>Laura Johnson, DO:
I think the most important part of the doctor-patient
relationship is really getting to know
your patients, really listening
to them and understanding
their health goals so that you can
come up with a treatment plan together,
as a team, so that it has
the best chance of success. You know, what is right
for one patient may not be right
for the next patient. And that’s OK. I think medicine is becoming
more personal and flexible and that’s good. My father is a
family medicine physician, so, growing up I spent a lot
of time in his office and got to see the way
he made such an impact and played such an important part
in people’s lives, and I thought that was really
special and something I ultimately had a calling for. I chose primary care
and family medicine because it allows
for such a unique opportunity to care for patients
of all ages. So, from newborns to children,
to parents, siblings and grandparents it’s really
the entire family unit, and in this way you really get
to know your patients and build relationships
over a lifetime, that is not only very special, but also really allows
you to bring those aspects that you know about their lives
into their care and I think it makes a big difference
in their care. As an athlete growing up, I also have an
appreciation and passion for sports medicine
and musculoskeletal injuries, as well as incorporating osteopathic treatment modalities
into my practice and I also like doing
office based procedures, kind of a lot. [music begins] I think choosing me
and choosing Scripps in general, you’re going to get
a very comprehensive and personalized care plan with a lot of support
and encouragement, too, and resources through Scripps
to achieve your goals. The most satisfying
part of my job is definitely getting to know
my patients, as well as
caring for them throughout the
different stages of their
lives over time. [music ends]