I enjoy having long-term
relationships with patients and continuing to work
with them for all of their
medical problems over time. I like being
their primary care doctor because many times
we’re the ones that spend the most time and really
get to know the patients. I have a special background
in nutrition. I’ve always been interested in
nutrition since I was younger. I have a master’s degree
in nutrition, and I’ve completed a fellowship
in nutrition. I think nutrition
is really important for people’s health,
that they follow a really healthy diet
and that it can help us treat a lot of medical problems, just following a good diet
and lifestyle. In my mind, I think
that lifestyle changes are just vital. I would advise patients
to work hard on following
a healthy diet program and exercise regularly. One important thing
I do want patients to know was, I think there isn’t just
one right way to either lose weight
or one right diet to follow. And there’s many, many wonderful
programs in the community. And I like to work
with my patients individually to customize a program
that would work for them. I want, when patients see me, that I hope that
they’ll feel really comfortable sharing whatever
their health issues are, and that no health issue
is too small, or that they don’t
feel embarrassed. I think it’s important
that patients have a primary care physician
because it’s one person who could know
all of their health issues. We would know all the
specialists who they see, and more holistically
help the patient. I think it is important
for a patient to get a regular checkup because many times
a patient may have an issue and they may not even know
about it, and we might find it
at the checkup. And secondly, I think health screening
is really important. Preventive screening
to help detect some kind of cancer or some other condition
that patient may have, and again, not be aware of it. I think it’s an honor anytime
a patient would come to see me or choose me as
their doctor. And I would take anything
they say very seriously and do my best to help them.