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TV today I want to discuss how to go about getting your patient care hours
these are crucial hours that you need to apply to PA school I know for a fact
that me personally when I was going to get my hours I already knew what I
wanted to do I knew that I knew when I wanted to get my patient care hours I
knew that time was of the essence I couldn’t afford to go into anything that
would require me to take three months to a year worth of certification time just
to be able to work in that particular job so I went the CNA route which is a
certified nursing assistant that’s an excellent job to get if you’re trying to
get something done within two weeks to a month I was able to get that within two
weeks that’s under tation within two weeks I went took the test pass I was
hired within I was hired within a month at a nursing home I’m a nursing home I
went to the hospital I know for me when I finally got the job were in hospital I
went ahead contacted the head of the PA department emailed him asked him when it
would be okay or a shadow if they even they even allow shadowing but the fact
that he got back to me so quick was because of the fact I believe third the
fact that I had a hospital related the email address because I remember
hospital email accounts are restricted and you don’t want your email coming as
flag to miss outside email just coming into the hospital email accounts those
become flag and sometimes they just discard them so when it’s email is just
coming from within the hospital those are better your seeds and they you
know they tend to read those marketing and I kid you not
doctors pas MP those people check their emails 24/7 so that’s the best way to
communicate with them through email what I was able to do was reach out to
them I set up a meeting they were more than willing to help but it’s just one
of those situations where I took it upon myself to try something different that
no one else has talked about no one else discussed benefits are working in the
hospital and using your hospital email just to connect with pas and doctors and
MPs people who potentially to write your letters right so that’s what I did it
worked great I was able to shout out actually to pas
which is amazing I learned so much from them oh yeah those were the benefits of
you know getting a quick CNA license getting into the hospital giving it’s a
nursing home first and then getting into a hospital because sometimes it’s harder
to get into a hospital it’s easier to get into a nursing home than this to get
into a hospital because nursing homes are always short-staffed and people the
turnover rate at a nursing home is so much more because the work end of those
at home is just more it’s more intense than at a hospital hospital has a little
bit more structure than a nursing home so I mean it was something you really
want to do I would go that route the next one I want to discuss is scribes so
being a medical scribe to me is a great opportunity if you’re not really into
dealing with patients on that level I mean you don’t want to clean patients
baby pages take things to the bathroom and maybe they see any PCT is not the
route for you as long as the school that you’re applying to accepts it why not go
for it I know for me becoming the scribe it’s
probably something I do if I don’t get in on this cycle you actually to connect
with patients on a different level you know actually more in tuned with the
actual diagnosis of what the patient with the doctor diagnosed with the
patient so you learn more I believe you learn more subscribing you have to see
any or ECT get more hands-on you get more hands-on experience as a PCT then
ascribe but if the school accepts it why not go for it especially if you’re not
comfortable around patients like that go for cloth or because getting a scribe
job is pretty much it’s really easy especially if you work for scribe
America I know personally I don’t experience that scribe America is all
over the country it’s all over the world so it shouldn’t be that hard to get a
job working with scribe America at all hiring process is pretty simple let me
take a typing test and you take some classroom work when they want to test
you for a week just medical terminology and other stuff and then you can take a
final exam and you’re hired basically and they page throughout the whole
process I would always recommend scribe America and go ahead and getting a CNA
license depending on what state you’re in I’m gonna see like some textile
required you have a license but just being a nursing those are my top fastest
ways to get patient care hours the benefits that come with those are
tremendous because those particular positions will get you shadowing hours
those to Java leads you into getting letters recommendation right there
gateways those two jobs in particular are gateways to other aspects of your
application that are necessary and crucial now am I saying that it’s the
only way I’m saying it’s the fastest way because obviously if your nurse you’ve
already established relationship with some doctors and you’ve already
established your manage your nursing supervisor so yes that aspect of it does
come into play but what I’m stating is just for people like me who would not
necessarily have the time as we get older or if you’re really really young
and don’t have the time to go to nursing school or you’re not making a career
decision late or you don’t have months to go to EMT school this is the people
I’m speaking to because I understand that time is of the
essence when it comes to wanting to apply early wanted to apply while you’re
at a certain age but the information I just gave you the insider information
that people don’t discuss will help you out like I said come a CNA become a PCT
we’re trying to get into a hospital use your work email address to contact
these PAS because it will respond better to your work email address better than
they would respond to your Gmail account we’re yahoo email and just because those
emails become flagging and sometimes they go on read so yes I’m just letting
you know this is just stuff that you know there’s stuff they won’t tell you
this is how it becomes easy get shadowing hours this is how it
becomes easy to get letters recommendation you can knock out two
birds in one stone in one in one job and the same thing goes for medical scribes
alright guys that’s all the information I have today go ahead you guys about my
journey to become a PA just put it in the comments below
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