My name is Sue Povish from West End, North
Carolina. Sidney was a very wild child, you know, just
always on the go, never slowed down. She was always doing something to keep herself
busy. Sidney was diagnosed with ALL (Acute Leukemia
B Cell). When I got diagnosed, it was like everything
changed. I was literally went from being out every
night to being with my family 24/7. If we were not at the hospital, we were here
in this house. For awhile, she couldn’t go out into public
and do anything. One night she was in the ER having problems
and UNC had told us to go to our ER because you know she was having some issues, and we
went to the bathroom and while we were in the bathroom, she told me that she wanted
to die. She was done. And she didn’t want to do it anymore. Well, I think the first time we had encountered
Me Fine was when she was first diagnosed and we were in the hospital. One of the social workers came in. She had wanted to see what was going on so
she did like an evaluation with the family and seeing how things were going and everything
like that. She offered some assistance. When a parent learns that their child has
a life-altering diagnosis, the first word that comes to my mind to describe their experience
is shock. And that makes my role really interesting
as someone who wants to come in and give a lot of information about resources and ways
to help. If we didn’t have something, then it would
have been a lot harder. Having a bunch of support from all of these
people willing to help you and help you get through the situation that you’re in, it feels
really great. It’s honestly overwhelming is the word for
it. Some of the hidden costs of healthcare include
gas, parking, and meals while a family is in the hospital. To try to remove some of that stress from
them by supporting them emotionally, providing a listening ear, helping work with foundations
like Me Fine, who, you know, I couldn’t do my job without is, I think, the most important
part of what I offer in the day-to-day for families. I’m Jerry Rhodes. This is my wife Shannon Rhodes. My daughter was born prematurely. We took the necessary steps by coming to Duke
because they said Duke is the best – in the country – in the country. As we progressed and moved forward with Jada
knowing that we was having a child, and we knew from previous history how she goes into
preterm labor earlier and those were not a success. We experienced several losses, so at this
time, we wanted to be able to take the necessary steps to move forward with this child. When we first found out about Me Fine, we
had a light bill that was about $800. They helped us to get that down to where it
was affordable just so we wouldn’t have those overhead expenses while we were dealing with
Jada being in the hospital. She’s pulling through right now. She’s at four pounds and something. That took a long time coming within these
six months, but now she’s at four pounds and something. So, the future for us looks as if our family
will grow from this. First of all, we just believe, you know what
I’m saying, it was all a miracle and at the end of the day it is by the grace of God that
she’s here. That’s the main thing, that’s the most important
thing out of this all.