– We know animals can provide a great deal of support in life but this next story is about a woman who’s registered emotional support animals are driving her community bananas. (laughter) So Texanne McBride-Teahan recently moved to a suburb of St. Louis
with her three pet monkeys. About a month after she moved in, a neighbor spotted a monkey outside, called the city and complained. Now the city says the animals
may pose a safety risk to the local residents
and these are trained, these are monkeys that she’s
lived with for roughly 20 years and they’re named Paula,
Zoey and Kalie Ann. Registered emotional support animals. Texanne says they help
her cope with her PTSD from an incident that happened as a teen. The city classifies monkeys as an inherently dangerous animal. So a judge is gonna ultimately
decide if she can keep them. – The issue is here, I mean,
20 years they’ve been together and obviously they’re docile and they are companions
and therapy animals and that doesn’t always have to be a dog. In this case, it’s monkeys. But, there may be other statutes
in place in the city that– – When you use quote
inherently dangerous animal, lot of interpretations there because I see pet snakes and I think okay, well, potentially dangerous. Pet alligator, potentially dangerous. Pet dog, potentially dangerous. – You can say that about a dog. – Yeah, you can say that
about all kinds of animals. But I think there is a distinction between an emotional support animal versus one that’s an actual
certified service animal covered under the ADA– – And that is an important distinction. Big, big, big, big difference
between emotional support and, like you said, a true service animal. So what do you think is
going to happen here? – I’d like her to keep her monkeys but maybe she has to put
certain things in place so the monkeys can’t get out. (applause)
– The Doctors – Twelve years in. – [Announcer] The prognosis you crave for. – For the first time in public, I want to see if she can take a few steps. – This is so scary (nervous scream) – [Announcer] The treatment you needed. – You look fabulous. – [Announcer] It’s the daytime talk show that’s been your cure for over a decade. – It is literally taking the
lives from their community. I can’t believe that this is happening. – [Announcer] With the
issues affecting your health right now. – It is not housing, it is
not economic inequality. It is a health crisis. – I lied to you and I lied to you. I have a truth that I’m going to reveal. – [Announcer] The Doctors on call for Season 12. (applause)