Ah, like when you say the word
it really hits even harder! Channel guilt, it’s real, it’s so real. Hi, my name is Meg, I’m one of
the partner managers here at YouTube and I have the pleasure
of doing a Channel Checkup today with Ari. [CHANNEL CHECKUP] How’s it going, Meg? – Good, how are you? I’m good, I’m glad to be here. Yeah, I would love for you
to share with everyone watching what you’re about,
what your channel’s about all the good stuff. Yeah, so my current channel
is kind of like a lot of reaction videos a lot of like, sit-and-talk videos
about identity and my queerness and that’s part
of the reason why I wanted to chat with you because it’s not cohesive,
it’s not like together, you know and so that’s one of the things
I’ve been struggling with as a creator. You know,
talking about being all over the place and I get this a lot from creators, it’s this block of like,
you wanna get through and make content. Yes. And it kind of creates this channel guilt. I did not know there was a word for it but channel guilt is something that
I’ve struggled with for the longest time. – It’s so hard…
– Yeah. to figure out
what is the perfect combination of what my audience likes, what I wanna do,
and let’s be honest, what will make money. Yeah. The audience that
I’m interested in attracting is one that I’ve grown
outside YouTube on other social platforms and that audience
loves to see me get dressed. They just wanna see
what I’m wearing every day and I want this new audience to finally get the fashion content
that they see everywhere else. I’ve experimented and I’ve tried putting fashion videos
or fashion formats on my current channel but they just don’t perform as well so I’m considering starting a channel that’s
just purely fashion and beauty, and that’s it. OK. What do you think,
and do you have any advice for that? The most important first question to ask is do you think the audience
is gonna be different enough? Is everyone who’s
interested in fashion and beauty maybe going to come in and tap in to that? No. Yeah, so that’s one question. Yeah. And that’s not like good or bad,
that’s just like a true, ‘What are my demos?’ Mmhm. And then the other question when you post those type
of videos now on your current channel how does your current audience react? – Not very well, to be honest.
– OK. I got really excited about this
fashion video that I posted a few weeks back and I thought they would just love it and it’d be shared everywhere
and tons of comments and just crickets, I got nothing. When I get excited about a video,
I want my audience to be excited about it too and that’s what led me
to think about the second channel because I want to reach
audiences that will be excited about it and I don’t know if my current one does. When you start fresh, you start fresh. You’re gonna have to rebuild. And so that’s another thing of like… That’s the
most terrifying part of this, actually. I think it’s just good
to go in with the expectation that you will really have to appeal
and kind of hustle for yourself. It’s a whole different audience. ‘Cause if you can establish
there is going to be new audience then you have
to capture that audience as well. So how do I use my existing audience to build up that new channel? So what existing content
is still really popular that you can leverage
with end cards to promote new content? – Yes, yes, yes, OK, OK.
– Yes. We’re looking at the last 28 days,
so if we’re looking with the mindset of ‘What’s popular right now
on my current channel ‘And how can I help
get the word out about a new channel?’ Yeah. You wanna look at your top videos, right? That’s where the traffic’s coming from. Put end cards at the end of those videos? – Yes.
– OK. And to update descriptions as well. Oh. You want to also make sure that
the first few lines of that description is ‘Make sure you check out’,
send a link, you know. Give yourself a shout-out. Meg, I never even think
to update descriptions. Yes, thank you for reminding me to do that. And we’re looking at the last 28 days I’m gonna zoom out
a little bit to the last 90 and if I click in here to top videos you’re gonna get
a good flavour, if I scroll down, of you know, there might be
some surprise videos in here of things that
you made a while ago, that might be recent but it’s ways
that you’re still getting traffic so you want to acknowledge that traffic. It’s wild that I’m still getting traffic
from those videos. Like, I forgot about them
because I’m done making them. – Totally.
– But the Internet does not forget. No, but it’s traffic to you and it’s an opportunity to start
building momentum towards a new channel. [EXPLORING VIDEO FORMATS] What I want to focus on now is
format types that you can replicate. – On the new channel.
– On the new channel, yes. So I’ve pulled up
your lifetime views of top videos. Just talking about your world
in fashion and whatever you’ve done that’s an area of interest,
right, with your perspective. I found a react video
to Victoria’s Secret’s fashion show, right. And maybe because it’s a react format
it has a place on your original channel and this is a challenge I leave up to you, does all ‘react’
belong on your original channel? Or because this was related to fashion
and it’s bringing your perspective is this like a good
touchpoint in reaching out? – OK.
– So it’s something to think about. The next video I saw
pop out to me was ‘Meet Femme Ari Fitz’ which appeared when I scanned through it
to be like a transformation video. Another great,
classic beauty and fashion format. Transformation videos
are good formats, OK. So I would say the next challenge
for you and your analytics when you go home
and think about this channel – is these sorts of things.
– OK. Like, what can you bring over
and where are you trying to draw the line and what’s the difference
in your demographics? Got you, so where am I
trying to draw the line between my main channel
and this new channel that I’d start. OK, OK. So do you really wanna tap in
to what the fashion world is on YouTube? – Yes.
– OK. I feel so outside of it, even though
on other social platforms… – Right.
– I am inside it. Yeah. And so, yeah,
I think that starting a new channel will open me up
to other brand opportunities as well because fashion brands won’t really
understand that I do fashion content by looking at my current channel so I wanna open myself up
to other revenue opportunities and to other audiences
that know me for androgynous fashions. Yeah, you should consider
doing collabs on your new channel as a way to help accelerate… Duh. That’s a good thing
of having a presence with an original channel and launching a second channel is being able to lean in
to people you might know or who have some notoriety, and be like ‘I’m really trying
to start this channel, this is my vision.’ – You know.
– Yes. ‘Because I can really help inject ‘and get you over the hump
of building a second channel.’ Wow. And talking about collabs and all these other ways
to make your content work for you no reason not to lean in
to what’s happening off-platform and say, ‘Hey, I’ve got
this new channel that’s happening. ‘Check it out.’ – True.
– ‘This date, this time.’ Yeah. Then you’re tapping into a new audience that you feel is distinct and different
from the original channel’s audience. OK, yeah, that’s perfect. This is another part of
doing research for a new channel being a student of,
‘What is fashion up to these days?’ We’ve already talked a lot about
good formats that you can bring over. I would check out Google Trends,
you can specify YouTube searches. And then off-platform you might
be known for certain hashtags or searches bring that knowledge
back to the platform. OK, OK. – Titles, descriptions.
– ‘Cause that’s one of… I literally had no idea
how to title my fashion content because I am so outside of the community. Yeah. And I want to make sure
I’m optimised on Search and I just had no idea how to do that so Google Trends would be
the way to start looking for… That, or look at other people
you aspire to be like in the community and what are they doing and make sure
all these things are working for you and you can take that back to analytics
once you have the second channel going – and see.
– OK. Are people
searching these terms and finding you? And just make sure that
you’re resonating the way you want to. Alright, so it sounds like
I am off to start a new channel. – Yes.
– Thank you so much, Meg. I think the first thing I wanna do
is go on Google Trends and looking at how the fashion community
is using YouTube and titling their videos. I wanna make sure that I’m putting
my end screens at the end of my videos. – I also have to collaborate.
– Yes! Oh my gosh, that’s gonna be
the most fun part of this. Yeah. Then, I’m gonna tell everybody
off-platform that I have a new channel so if they want my fashion content,
they know where to find it. I’m super stoked. Are you gonna subscribe? I am indeed. Pinkie promise you’re gonna subscribe! You got it. – You gotta be my first one.
– Yes, yes, of course. Thank you so much, Meg,
this has been amazing. – Thank you so much for being here.
– I had the best time. Make sure that you subscribe to
see videos from YouTube Creator Channel and comment below if you’re
thinking about starting a second channel. We’ll see you soon, bye!