Hi, I’m Dr. Sangeetha Radhakrishnan, internist at Kelsey -Seybold. I grew up in a physician family, and I saw how they changed the lives of the patients, and it always fascinated me. I was in high school like I was very much interested in human biology, and that ever since childhood, I knew I would be a physician. They provide highly compassionate,
high-quality care all in one setting, so it’s easier for us to coordinate the patient care and follow-up, and save time and cost. A good patient-doctor relationship, and I
also believe in best medical practice would be provided by giving higher education to
the patient and being very compassionate, good listener and
being available to them at all times. I always feel happy when I see the smile
on their face, when we see that we have changed their life, and that gives a sense of satisfaction, and it’s highly rewarding to be a physician.