Jim, tell us about your ear
The last 6 or 7 months I’ve been having pain and it itches all kinds of weird stuff so
I figured there was a wax build up in there and sure enough you said there was how bad
is it? blocked. you are blocked. the cerumen is accumenlating wait that doesn’t (laugh)
edit we’ll get a little plastic curret just a little piece of plastic is all it is we’re
gonna we’re gonna go digging be nice I still need that thing for once in a while so I’m
trying to get a hold of that I can feel yeah trip see if we can get it all out in one piece
that felt weird is it from putting in ear plugs cause you do know I go shooting from
time to time yeah the ear plugs they smash it in we might have to to use a little bit
of irrigation oh look at it it’s just right there! It’s so beautiful. oh you guys scare
me, knock it off okay be nice get on top pull down slowly i don’t want to push it in go
under oh, tell me that’s it. oh big time holy mackerel good grief that thing is gnarly yeah
that is satisfying oh tell me about it my ear feels so much better dang, man. nice so
Jim thank you so much for being on the channel I appreciate it sure and please comment because
there’ll be subscribers and viewers commenting who will have a conversation with you will
do ok so until next time this is Dr. Mark Vaughan and Jim to you all to stay in good
health see ya