♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ – Cooking game?
– (laughing) Surgeon Simulator. That’s a heart, not a tomato, Shannon. – Surgeon Simulator. Oh boy.
– That looks fun. – This is another really
super rage-inducing game. These guys also made “I Am Bread”. – Have you seen this? – I don’t know anything about it.
– Okay, you operate on a virtual person. – (Finebros) Today, you’re going
to be working together to control one of two hands
to perform a heart transplant. – Okay! Let’s do it. – At least we’re in this together.
– Yeah. – We’ll kill them together. (laughs)
– Yeah. (EKG machine beeps)
♪ (funky synthpop) ♪ – This is intense music. (phone rings)
– Hello. – I can’t go up and down.
I can only go side to side. (phone rings)
Oh, hello! I’m touching stuff. – I’m the right hand.
– Oh, can I point? How do I point? I can point.
– Wait, can I grab this? – No, that’s grab.
– Wait, are you gonna tell us the controls? – (Finebros) If you go
to the monitor on the left, you’ll see the controls.
– Oh, okay. – “Rotate wireless controller.” Whoa! – So R1– oh, I think that’s yours. – R1 is… pinch. – Do you want to try
to give each other a high five? Ready? All right.
Wait, my guy keeps going down. All right. ♪ (catchy synthpop) ♪ (strained groan) Yeah!
– (laughing) Yeah! – All right.
– That’s a real life high five. – Yeah, there we go. (both laugh) – Patient name is Bob. That’s original. (phone rings)
– Oh, go, Bob. – We got you, bro. – We’re doing a heart transplant. ♪ (music becomes muffled, slowly fades) ♪
– Ooh. I feel like we just took drugs.
– (laughing) Oh my god. – Oh no.
– Oh gosh. – Let’s take this off. Let’s…
– Grab that first. (heart thumps)
– Come on. Go down. – Go down and–
– Okay, voilà! – All right, let’s remove this–
– It’s just so casual. “Okay, perform a heart transplant.” – Honestly, hearts freak me out.
– They do? – Yes.
– It’s what keeps us living. – Come on.
Okay, go down. (grumbles) Did he die?! – No, I grabbed anaesthesia. This is trippy.
Why did you do this? – Oh, let’s use a hammer, obviously.
– Yeah, can we? – How are we gonna break the ribs though? Oh, the hammer!
– The hamm– (laughs). Don’t worry. I graduated medical school.
– I got this! – Do you want to hammer him?
– I’m sorry. Um, yeah, I wanna hammer him.
– (giggles) Okay. – That does not sound right. – How do you do a heart transplant? – Should we–?
– Shannon, there’s a bone saw over here. – Pinch.
– Okay, I got the bone saw. – Take this rib cage. Am I breaking something?
– Yeah, I think you are. I’m trying to grab it from you,
with my other hand. – Oh here. Yeah, break it.
I mean grab it. Okay. – Wait, don’t move it yet. – All right, do you have it?
– Yes. – Nice!
– Shhh– – Oh!
– Firmly grasp it! What?!
– Oh, I got it! I’ll catch it. Did I catch it?
– No, you didn’t. – Aww! – Wait, I’m really trying
to pick up this saw. – You have to go lower, I think. (saw clinks)
Oh, how do I readjust this angle?
– I got it! – Oh. Oh, come on! Wait, really?
– Wait, how do you do it? – You have to use the–
– Oh, no way! Okay. – Then…grab– grab it!
(instruments clink) (growling) – We got some ribs.
– (laughing) He’s bleeding! (overlapping speech and laughter) – Okay, cut open the ribs.
– I dropped it. (laughing) I dropped it on his ribs
and I can’t pick it up. I dropped it.
What the heck? Pick it up. Come on, come on, come on! Okay, I got it. – Argh!
– I cut you! – You cut me! – Is the drill still going? ♪ (music becomes distorted and fades) ♪
– Did he die? – Oh, we lost him. – We just hit ourselves with those needles. We just drugged ourselves. – And then we have
to go underneath the lungs, I think. – Oh, a drill! Yes, here we go. – That– that seems safe.
– This is the perfect– (drill whirs)
– I’ll just pat him down in the meantime. (drilling bones)
– Just get into your… there we go. (laughing)
Well, it’s working. ♪ (music becomes distorted and fades) ♪ – Oh! Who’s the boss!
– You are! Just cut the bones. Gentle. (gasps) You got one! Okay, keep going. (saw whirs)
– Oh wait. There’s the heart! The heart’s right there.
– Oh, that’s the heart we’re trying to put in there. – Wait, what’s this? What’s this? – Um, there’s the heart. That’s the heart. – You’re just gonna puncture his lungs.
– Yep. – And there’s no point of him living.
– Where is the heart? How much blood does he have? Oh, he is out of blood.
– Oh, we’re dying! (both laugh) – Grab it!
– YARGH! (whimpering) Get out, get out. Okay, I got it. I got it.
– Do I have it? I think I have it. – Ooh, press these buttons.
(sickly crack) – He’s in a better place.
♪ (sad music) ♪ – “Surgery failed.”
Aw, it was going so well. – (laughing) Yeah!
(sarcastically) It was going great. – Look at his rib. I’m destroying his ribs.
– Oh good! – (splutters) Oh no, wait! No! Oh, his blood level is going down. Okay. Let’s get the heart.
– Yeah, yeah. Put that heart in there.
(EKG machine beeps frantically) – (laughing) He’s about to die. The blood level is going down. – (laughing) Give him the shot. Maybe it’ll make him live longer. Well, he probably has–
(sickly crack) – “Brutal murder achieved in
a mere 5 minutes and 32.725 seconds.” – We didn’t murder him. – Let’s move the box. Push, push, push, push, push! ♪ (music becomes distorted) ♪
– I can’t even open the box. There we go!
– Hwah! Hwah! – Oh my god!
– I dropped the heart! – You dropped the heart!
– Shannon, what is that? – That’s a drill.
– That doesn’t look like a drill. – [Inaudible].
– Oh my gosh! And he’s losing lots of blood. Stop! You’re stabbing the guy. We dropped the heart.
Like, what are we supposed to do? (gasps)
– None of this– – I’m so sorry, Bob.
– None of this “we” business. YOU…
– Excuse me?! ♪ (sad music) ♪
– (both) “Brutal murder achieved.” – That’s not murder.
He died on the table. – Oh. I–
– There we go. – All right, we got it. All right. (laughter) – Oh, okay.
– The rib’s over here. – Okay, now I just gotta rid of this lung. It might be an anaesthetic.
Yeah, try that. Just pop it on in there.
– Come on. Okay. – Yeah, you slid it down. Nice.
– It’s in there. Whatever. – Nice. Oh, that’s gone. Hang on, I’m trying to break this bitch. (stammering) Get in there! – Okay, you work on that. I’ll–
(organ squishes) Oh god! Oh god! Oh, that’s a removed lung. Everyone needs some
orange soda in their system. – Wait– shit, I think
I’m pulling out his lung. Oh! Got it out.
Alrighty then. – I already took out one–
– I took out the other. – He might be dead by now.
– Who needs lungs? – Maybe if he has two hearts,
he’ll just be even better off. We’ll just shove this in there.
Now he has two hearts. – (chuckles) Done.
– Look, I got a channel! I mean, I got a trophy. – We’re about to lose this man. Oh, I can save him!
– Yeah, there you go. Put it in his face.
Put it in his face. – Gah! Ah, shit, I just increased it. Oh no!
– Oh. – I killed him.
– Okay. I don’t know if that could’ve gone worse. – (Finebros) We’re gonna
give you one more chance. – Okay. – So I’m gonna break the ribs off, and you’re gonna put the heart in him. – Do you just crack
the ribs, put the heart in, and then put the ribs back together? – I don’t know. – I think we’re gonna communicate better.
– Yeah. – That’s what we’re gonna do.
– For sure. – Let’s get this.
– (anxious sigh) – Let’s just get this
completely out of the way. – Why is there a coffee mug–? ♪ (music becomes distorted) ♪ What the hell? (laughing) What just happened? – Oh my gosh. Did we give ourselves…
– (giggling) – …the anaesthesia?
– Anaesthesia? – If this actually happened in real life, I would scream, “Help.” – Megan, can we just get the ribs out? – Okay, let’s get the ribs out. Bone saw. (saw buzzes)
Okay, I’ve got the bone saw. Just…
(grinding bone) (blood splatters)
Ooh! That’s not– (anxiously) Ooh! Pick it up! (laughter) AAAAH! – I’m just patting him while–
– I’m trying to be so careful. Yeah, just pat him. That helps. (chipping bone) Okay.
– One more. (chipping bone)
Okay. – Nice!
– Whew. – I feel like I should get
another tool and help you. – You should. Oh my gosh, this is so hard! (chipping bone)
– (breathily) Okay. – There you go.
– Okay. – Move on to the next part.
– (squeals) Oh, no, no, no! – Did you just drop it inside him?
– It’s– – Oh, okay, it landed on his bone. We got really lucky. – Grab the big thing of ribs. – Got it.
– All right. – Just throw it away. – Okay, and then rip those lungs out. (strained grunts)
(organs squish) – I think it’s– I’m forcing it out. (organs squish)
Oh. – Oh, we lost it.
All right. (laughs) It lost it in it’s–
– Ghost lung. Okay. There we go.
And my watch is off. – We have to get rid of the ribs
and then move the lungs. – So let me get the bone saw. – Come on. You can do it. There you go! There you go! Okay, I’ll make sure you’re– wow. – This won’t hurt a bit.
– Oh my god. Okay. (organs squish)
(Mikaela gasps) – Oh! That did something.
– What’d you do? Okay. Put your tools down. Put the tools–
– Wait, no! I can see the heart now. I can see the heart now.
Do you see it beating? – We’re losing blood!
Put the thing down! – No, wait! I need to cut
out more of the lung. – Can we stop the bleeding first?
– Uh… – (testily) Put the tool down!
– Yeah, I can’t move! I want to put it down over there,
away from the sedatives. – Ooh, we need to grab the sedative now.
– I know. I really don’t want to drug myself. (sharp gasp)
– Okay, ready? – Okay.
– Just puncture him. Like, in the lung. – Did I do it?
– No. (organs squish)
– Ooh! Ooh! That’s his lung. (laughs) That is his lung. Wait, wait.
– I’m pretty sure he’s lost– – Oh! Oh! We drugged him. – (snickering) This is gonna go so badly. Eeeh… I see, like, that one spot. (groans)
(heart thumps) – Oh, I did it!
– Oh! Oh, okay! – Be careful, Shannon! (laughing) Don’t sever his lungs. SHANNON! (giggling) Shannon! [Inaudible]. Move, Shannon!
(breathless laughter) He’s dead. He’s dead! She dropped the bone saw on the guy, and we’re losing
over 56 milliliters a second. I’m gonna just stab you! – Bob, I’m so sorry. You had a loving family. – When we were tripping on anaesthesia, we lasted four minutes longer. – He’s about to die.
– Okay. – Go get the heart.
– I’m trying to be here for you. – Get the heart.
– I’m trying to– Wait, but we have to take out
the other heart first. – Can we pull out his lungs? – Oh, shoot!
– Come over here. I can’t see. Oh my god! Did you drop the heart?
– Yeah. That was by complete accident.
– Oh my– – Maybe if I wasn’t on drugs right now! They should give us real arms to use, and then actually do it.
– Use the Power Glove? – Yeah, the Power Glove. – Pull out his stuff. ♪ (music becomes slow and distorted) ♪ Oh, look at it!
I pulled his lung out. -Take that out. Take that out. – I got one lung out.
– Okay, perfect. – Get the other–
okay, I’ll get the other one. Okay, I got it. I got it.
– Okay. Okay, so there’s–
– Oh my gosh! The heart’s about to fall. – Did I just cut out– – The esophagus– with what? We already dropped everything.
– There’s a scalpel! – Where? Oh, there they are. You got this. – I’m slicing the heart.
I’m just going in for it. (organs squish)
Oop, I sliced a little bit of the lung. – Just keep slicing.
It’s cool. It’s cool. Slice and dice. – Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut–
– Oh! Oh! – Okay, we got it.
We got it. We got it. We got it. I’ll get that thing out of there. – Do we have to cut the veins? – Oh, wait. We probably can’t just rip
the heart out, can we? – Would you want to put the heart over here, then you’d–
– We have no time. – He’s gonna die in 100 milliliters. – Dang. We got a lot farther. – We did better on the drugs than we did not on the drugs. – Legalize marijuana. – Oh yeah! Just get in there! (laughing) – Oh no! Really? Really? – Grab the sedative!!! – We don’t need it. It’s too late. He’s still drugged. (seriously) It’s all up to me.
– It is. – ♪ Doo-doo, doo doo-doo ♪ ♪ Doo-doo ♪
– The top’s kinda– remember to tilt. – Yeah, I am.
– And just– ooh, you cut something! Darn it. We just killed him. I guess that’s why doctors
call it their “practice”. – (laughing) Oh g– – That’s always made me very uncomfortable. Like, I’m not practiced. – I only got the stomach out. – Okay, I see a trash can.
(organ squishes) (sharp exhale) Oh, that didn’t go in. Get ready to grab it.
I’m gonna cut it. Okay.
– All right. Go for it. – Oh, I’m cutting him. Okay, well, let’s give him drugs. – No, I think we should save the drugs until it gets really bad. – I think it’s getting pretty bad. Okay.
– But I think it’s the wrong one. – Is it?
– I think it’s the other one. – We’ll just try it.
– Yeah, shit! Holy shit! – Oh god! Oh god!
We just messed up. We just messed up so bad.
– Grab the other one. – Where is it? Where is it?
– Right there. – The green one?
– Yes. (glass tinkles)
– Oh my god! Okay, we gotta go quick.
– Ah, shit. – Grrrrrrr, no!
We were doing so well! – I know. – You’re stabbing the heart. (heart thumps)
(groans) – You got it!
– Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! – Okay. I can’t grab it! Just come here.
To come grandpa. – You got it?
Now what? Now what? – Drop it in there.
– Now what? Wait, now what? Wait- no, actually, what do we do? – I think we have to put it back in order. (laughter) – This is–
– We got it! – It looks fine to me. – We did it.
– We did it! We did it.
– Okay– – We did it. It’s unbelievable how accomplished I feel. – It’s great. This is a very rewarding game. – Thanks for watching this episode
of gaming on the React channel. – Comment what games
you want us to play next. – Subscribe or this patient
might bleed out on the operating table! – Bye! Can’t wait for med school. ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪