If you get checked out
you could win points for your hapu. That’s a big feature at the Tauranga Moana
Tauranga Tangata Festival. As Hania Douglas found out, while people may not be keen
to get a check-up for themselves, they might do it to win their hapu
the supreme title. Check-ups can lead to a diagnosis
which can save lives. Tauranga iwi decided to add
health check-ups to their festival’s point system to reward people for getting
their mammograms, smears, blood sugar levels, temperature
and blood pressure check-ups at the festival
and leading up to it. The purpose of the initiative is to encourage people to get their
health checkups so that any possible issues can be
picked up by medical professionals. How am I?
– Great! It was Tiana Bennet’s idea
to make the check-ups competitive. She says there’s nothing wrong
with a bit of bribery if it saves our people. And Tauranga iwi encourage other iwi to follow suit at their own
iwi festivals. Keeping our people healthy
in all aspects of life. Hania Douglas, Te Karere.