DOCTOR: Hello. I’m Dr. Sovig, how can I help you? PATIENT: Oh, hi. Where’s Dr. Patel? DOCTOR: He’s on vacation. So, what seems to be the problem? PATIENT: Umm, I have this terrible pressure
under my eyes and my head feels like it’s going to explode. I’m incredibly weak. I could almost not get out of bed this morning. DOCTOR: Ok. How long has this been going on for? PATIENT: Like two days. DOCTOR: Ok, let’s take a look. DOCTOR: Can you turn this way, and just bend
over for me. PATIENT: Bend over? DOCTOR: Yes, bend over please. That’s how we check for sinusitis. It sounds like you have sinusitis. PATIENT: Oh, ok. DOCTOR: All the way down. Little more, good. Does that hurt? PATIENT: Yeah, that’s very painful. DOCTOR: Ok, sit up. Let’s take a look. Open your mouth, stick out your tongue wide. PATIENT: Ah. DOCTOR: Ok, let’s see here. PATIENT: Sinusitis? DOCTOR: Patience. You need patience. PATIENT: I have patience. DOCTOR: Does that hurt? PATIENT: Sort of. Yeah it does. DOCTOR: Here? PATIENT: Yeah, a bit. Take a deep breath for me. Good. One more. Lie down. DOCTOR: Can you just undo a button for me? Maybe one more. Ok, take a deep breath. Another one. One more. Alright. DOCTOR: How old are you? PATIENT: I’m 50. Why do you ask? DOCTOR: Have you had a mammogram lately? PATIENT: Not in a while. DOCTOR: You should. You have a lovely chest, it would be a shame
not to have it checked. I just mean that there’s a small indentation
there, and it could be indicative of a lot of things. PATIENT: An indentation? Oh my god, where? DOCTOR: It’s tiny. No, it’s not a problem, but you should have
it checked. Do you ever check yourself? PATIENT: No, I don’t. DOCTOR: You should. Here, I can show you. Put your hand behind your head, turn your
head this way. You just feel around in a circle there. There you go, see if we can feel anything. No, I don’t think there’s any problem
at all. I think you’re fine. I wouldn’t worry about it. Do you have any allergies to medications? PATIENT: Not that I know of. So, what do I have? Sinusitis? DOCTOR: Classic case of sinusitis.