Well, hi everyone is Tonia with an Inance skin here And today I’m going to talk about the best skin care brands that you need when you’re over 40. That’s right. The big 4-0 We all need to know which products are the best and I’m gonna let you know coming up So we all know as we hit 40 our skin changes a little bit, right? It is what it is, but guess what it’s fine 40 is like the new 20 or 18. Let’s say 18 That’s even better than 40 is the new 30 forget that 40 is to do 18 Right us as women as we’re taking care of ourselves. We are feeling more energized more Invigorated and it doesn’t matter what age we are age is just a number ladies Don’t forget it age is just a simple number. Don’t get in your head over. Oh my gosh. I’m 40 years old It’s no big deal. It’s a great thing embrace it. All we need to do is make sure that we keep our skin Healthy hydrated and forty no big deal. So if you’re new to my channel and you don’t know who I am Let me tell you a little bit about me. I have been in the fashion and skincare industry for decades I’m 48 years old. I have no Botox. No fillers. Nothing whatsoever I simply rely on good skin care now. I’m not dissing anybody who gets fillers or Botox. I think it’s great Go ahead and do whatever you want. But for me that is not something that I want I really I I like to try to be and I’ve gotten older more healthy and try to keep everything as natural as possible So I’m doing it just with great skincare My mission and purpose is to save you time and money all while helping you get the most beautiful skin of your life I’m gonna save you time by helping you pick the correct Products to use and then I’m gonna save you money because I’m going to put a nice little coupon code down here Where you can purchase all of the best medical grade skincare products, they’ll work for you So there’s so many different skincare brands to choose from sometimes. It’s overwhelming and we don’t know what to choose medical grade is the best it’s a little bit pricier than something you would just buy at Walgreens or Or even sometimes at your local Macy’s or whatever, but it’s so worth it These are products most most of the time developed by different chemists or doctors Who are in the medical field and want to make sure that you’re getting? results driven skincare remember those words Results-driven that means you just don’t want something that goes on your face that stays on the top of your face It’s topical that isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do such as giving you a bit more Elastin hydrating your skin more help you produce more collagen. Those are all the important things that you want out of your skin here So I created the brand enhance myself and ants is an amazing product I have the fade cream and I also have a fruit acid gel But I have about 90 different SKUs in this brand which I’m going to eventually go over each product So this way, you know What each product does how to use it if it’s something for you? if you want to try it and most of them are mostly all-natural so number one when you’re over 40 is One of my favorite picks is going to be intense But yes, this is definitely the main brand and the number one brand and I think that you should try when you’re over 40 The second brand I’m completely in love with it’s new to our website new to in ant skin and new to skin care special It’s called elastin skin care It is created by the same chemists who created skin medica but times have changed skin medicos created Decades, I want to find out decades ago but at least 10 15 years ago this brand now with all the new technology that they have is Just blowing me away Elastin is so great, especially They were story of eye cream. This is what this is the product I’ve been using relentlessly, I have so many products that I use and I have to use them at different times and take certain products out of my Regimen so I can make sure I like it and see how it’s working and see what it’s doing with my skin and I started With the restoring of eye cream and it’s just a must-have its end. She’s 2019 product of the year and I agree with them Elastin is the other brand. You definitely should try when you’re over 40 the other brand that we carry is Skin suitable. Now. This is a favorite of all ages, but what’s so great about SkinCeuticals is once you hit over 40 Their line is so broad that there’s so many different items to choose from a lot of people actually incorporate all of these brands together Because what I do is I could do a one-on-one skincare consultation with you, or you can ask me any questions Just leave it in the comment below. I’ll answer them right away And I also on my website have a chat box where you can chat directly with me So if you have any skincare questions along the way I can answer them for you The SkinCeuticals serums are some of the best and they’re normally incorporated with other products that we have That we carry at enhance skin. There’s a fetal + – c e fear like the b5 gel So they do so many different things but some protect and correct others hydrate It totally depends upon what you need for your skin type But when you’re over 40 and even under I started all this in my 20s which thank God I did because it absolutely has changed my appearance for my age now at 48, but these Absolutely are some of the best picks of skin suitable is the other Brand you definitely want to incorporate when you’re in your forties. Now the last brands I’m going to talk about that You probably want to incorporate in your 40s or if you’re over 40 is near and dear to my heart And that is the Obagi nu-derm system I was one of the biggest distributors are revising for Years and years and years and I sold my business and I signed a non-compete and I was known allowed to sell any skincare For over five years. Oh my gosh That was so long right five years that I couldn’t sell any skincare But now I can and I’m so excited about the field body nu-derm system Is so great and there’s so many benefits The Obagi nu-derm system is so great. If you have hyperpigmentation, which means you have those brown spots and patches on your It’s great for anti-aging There is so many different components and factors to what this brand does and it totally depends upon what you need They had a prescription brand which they actually still have which is in physicians offices Which had the 4% hydroquinone you do not need that anymore. That’s actually too strong even dr Obagi himself has recommended against that you can use the FX which is a clear FX which has alpha r beuter and you do not need that harsh 4% hydroquinone, you do not need the harsh tretinoin all anymore you can mix it with a retinol and then with an aunt I’ve developed a 2% Hydrogen, which is in our fade cream. It’s faded cream I created a 2% hydrogen which is in my faded cream which you can actually mix with the clear FX and you’re going to get amazing results your Dark spots are going to fade and you do not need to use the harsh workforce NIDA hydric node And the Trent annoying and all those things that after long-term use are not good for your skin The tretinoin really thins your skin and does things to it, which are not natural that shouldn’t be happening all the time it’s better to use a Retinol because then you can use a retinol for a little bit and then you can go off of it and go back and forth But the Obagi nu-derm system is a great system. We carry it and enhance skin as well I’m going to give you a coupon code for all of these products Because I want to get you the best skin of your life. And of course save you money Why shouldn’t you save money saving money? It’s a wonderful thing. Right? So your coupon code is going to be over 4001 Again, that’s over 4001 It’s going to be here in the description and you can go ahead and go to in ant skin You type it a check out. Mo la your savings begins so I hope you enjoyed my video for over 40 skin care brands that you definitely need to try and make sure your gain on the good skincare regimen because when you’re over 40 We just have to make sure that we just keep trucking them. All right, we have to keep looking amazing We want to make sure that we stay looking refreshed because that’s so important. That’s what makes us look youthful. Of course. Thank you So much for watching my channel I hope you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe to my channel I have to do is hit the bell and this way you will get Notified for all of the new videos I have coming out and we can stay together We can stay connected and I can help you. Get the best skin of your life. Thank you so much for joining me See you soon. Bye bye That’s what keeps us useful if we have that beautiful glow fresh looking skin Of course diet exercise consuming plenty of water and lots of sleep. No smoky Not too much alcohol too many no drugs on and on and on all of those factors of course and then heredity come into play as far as how you will look but we can genetically try to Mimic the clock a little bit so that we can look our best right and look better