What about you? You detonate that thing, you’ll die too. That’s the way it has to be. And I would do that in a heartbeat for this universe. I want more. More of the universe. Still not interfering, are we? We can’t have a universe with no Yaz. More time with you. This isn’t a discussion. We’re not just gonna leave you. Yes, you are. Come on. What are you looking for? Not looking for anything. I suppose this is it. I have to found out what he’s looking for. Alone. You need back up. All of us against one. I’m coming with you. And whatever is coming for you we’ll be here. Need any company? Nah I’ll be fine. I will not lose anyone else to that! Do not follow me. We’re never going to find her in this lot. Yeah, we are. We’re going to find her Doctor! and we’re going to rescue her. Where do you go? Home. On my own. This enigmatic person of yours… Would you trade them for reliable and dull? My person’s a bit different. Why? Why not with us? Have you got family? No. Cos you ask too many questions. Doctor! Yaz! Are you alright? Be careful. Yaz. She’s not important. I’m going to have to disagree with that. Come on, Yaz! No. Sorry? Yaz looking for the Doctor. Yaz! Are you guys all right? Better now you’re here. The Doctor’s on the other side. The Boundary will absorb us. Doctor! Stay back! Yaz I promise. We’re not letting you go! You’re not doing this! Get off me, Yaz! Live great lives. We’re home. She got us home. But what happens to her?