Hey hey hey! Let’s laugh, folks! How are you? “Oh, I loved it! It was hilarious!” Hey, Brad, listen! I was spring cleaning in the garage, and something
bit me or stung me. I didn’t see what it was, but I felt it! Ow! “My face started to hurt by the end of his
session.” Examining your hysterical friend’s rear
end is a surefire way to get kicked out of Starbucks! I mean I am banned! [Laughter] “I’m going to come to your event, whether it’s a conference, a convention, an employee gala …” Healthcare softball league of Denver. Opening day. My team lost. We lost to the ophthalmologists no less. Is that lame or what?! “… and I’m going to add humor to it. I’m going to make it memorable.” You guys are so annoying with your “Good
eye! Good eye! Good eye, batter!” [Laughter] “Good eye!” “I’m going to make it fun!” And your catcher takes forever with the signs: “Better one? Better two? Better one? Better two?” [Laughter] “Because those can be so dry and boring sometimes. You know what I mean?” “He was inspirational and funny. And he was just a great speaker all around.” Anybody see the study recently about dogs
in healthcare? “He was very funny! And he starts out with a theme, and then he’s very good at coming back to it.” And if you have any kind of GI stomach issues, you’ll need a referral to the Shih Tzu, folks! [Laughter] “They’re going to have a good time. They’re going to be involved in the program. We’re going to interact. They might pick up a healthy tip.” Studies on hospitalized patients have been
done that show those who were shown comedy videos and laughed regularly did not require
as much of those pain medications. They didn’t need as much morphine. They didn’t need as much Percocet.” “I really loved the end part with the Dr. Seuss.” I will not eat a lot of sweets. I will not overeat red meats. I’ll keep my portions smaller sized. I’ll limit salt and all things fried. Get in touch. Give a call. Send an email. Visit the website. And let’s add some Healthy Humor to your next event.