– I’m Kevin Davis. I’m a gynecologic oncologist. I’m also currently the Medical Director for robotics here, at
Swedish Medical Center. Robotic surgery is
minimally invasive surgery, so the small incisions, so
people recover very quickly. Your surgeon is there
from start to finish. The benefits of robot
surgery, or minimally invasive surgery, is
not only to the patient, for comfort, but I think for accuracy. The surgeon is able to see
in very high definition, 3-D image of the field of surgery, and we can actually zoom in on areas that
you’re concerned with. I think it gives a better
quality of surgery, safety of surgery. Usually with the
minimally invasive surgery such as robotics, people
are sore maybe a week, or two at the most. It’s a win-win for both the
patient and the surgeon. [Upbeat Music]
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