Hi I’m Duncan McCue, welcome to
Cross Country Checkup, the show that provides information for our listeners
that they could easily get through a Google search. Today’s question; How has
marijuana legalization affected Canadians? Joining me is President for a Marijuana Free Canada, Miss Prudence DuPont. Hello, mr. McCue. Miss DuPont, your organization opposes the Cannabis Act? Correct. Mary Juwanna is a gateway drug to a path of self-destruction. First its smoking
cannabis, then a life of crime, then the ultimate indecency, working for Rogers. Yikes! Well, let’s go to the phones, our first
caller is Tommy from Edmonton. Oh hey man Long time listener, first time… Caller? No, I’m a listener man. I smoked weed my whole life and I’m still a productive member of society. You can just ask my parole officer. You see Duncan, this is what I’m talking
about! Aw lady, you sound like a total narc. How rude! Young man, if you were here I’d serve you some proper etiquette! Oh cool, I love edibles! I’ll be right over! But we’re in Toronto. Uh, Tommy? Duncan, this sinister narcotic completely distorts a person’s sense of
reality Oh that’s odd Oh wow! Wow! Hey man, longtime listener first-time
visitor. Tommy! Yeah I would have got here quicker man but there’s no more
Greyhounds in Edmonton. This is insanity Yeah I know Canada really needs those
buses! Please join us, Tommy. Oh thanks man Oh far out man front row seats. Tommy what do you feel is the greatest benefit with marijuana
legalization? Well, keeping marijuana out of the hands of organized crime. You mean the Mafia? No I mean the RCMP. Well, ah, let’s take another call from Carol
in Dartmouth. My doctor said marijuana will help with chronic pain, is that true? Totally got this one Duncan… Carroll the evidence suggests that marijuana
successfully inhibits the transmission of pain. Balderdash. Do you have any
scientific proof to back that claim? Well, I’m listening to you right now. And I don’t feel anything! Well it’s undeniable the huge economic benefits from the marijuana taxation. So true man, I saved BCs economy man. This is Northern Lights, man. Smoke this and for
the rest of the week all you will see… Are Northern Lights? Whoa that’s way better than what I saw man! Mister Tommy, you have failed to mention the dangers of
marijuana and impaired driving. How can you tell if someone’s operating a car
under the influence? Well first off, If they’re under the influence they’re not
operating anything. They can’t find their car keys! Let’s take another call from Lawrence in Saint Albert. Hey Tommy it’s Lawrence! Oh hey Lawrence how’s life man? Dude, yesterday I saw a giant Canada Goose, so
I got on my cycle and started pedalling. Whoa did you catch it? No, I was on an exercize bike! The Canada Goose was on my jacket! I don’t see how
this is at all relevant. Give him a break man, he’s my parole officer! Last caller, Joan in Brandon. Hi, I’ve never tried weed before, what’s the best way to smoke it? Well you can’t go wrong with a bong! They’re so easy to make man, you know, I can make one out of this microphone. You know what Thomas? I find that like everything you say, hard to believe. Ta da! Oh, it’s loaded! Thanks! Get it out of here! The devil’s lettuce? Never! Never! That smells like my parents’ incense
growing up. Oh my parrot smoked weed! That explains why I was raised in a
hippie commune and why my middle name is Sunbeam. My whole life is a lie! Oh screw it
pass me that bong I see the Northern Lights! Where? Look in my eyes