PSYCHOLOGIST Show me on this teddybear where was he touching you I don´t want to…
-Show me! And how was he touching you? Badly
-Show me how was he touching you! He was pulling me What happened to your eye?
-Nothing happened! Tell me how your father stabbed you there!
-No, no, noo And did you cry? A lot? Show me how much you cried! Stop!, we are done here, thanks Ok, let´s go, we have that rape in an hour Matej, take the teddybear PERVERT What was that?! You are an awful, disgusting, pervert pig! Wait for the TripAdvisor review from me! No one will ever come here! Yees that´s what I will do So, sweetheart, what do we have here today? Doctor, I just came to pick up a medical permit for a driving license course Very well, undress then FILM DOCTOR Murder? No An accident He suffocated Where was he found? In a restaurant What did he eat? We can look Chicken Nothing unusual Let´s keep looking A straw This is already a fourth case of a plastic in the digestive system this week So indeed it was a murder The mankind killed him…. When are we going to learn our lesson? And that banana? That´s mine GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation Because of the GDPR I am not allowed to say any names so… The man with syphilis Come Mr. Procházka, it is very acute LENIENT Hello So, he’s playing GTA V all the time, so he has no empathy for the suffering of others So please prescribe him some Xanax And next, they diagnosed him cancer on a Blue Horse internet forum He sleeps next to an american lamp but I believe it is because of Fortnite So please a ticket for chemotherapy…or you know what…I will fill it myself And I will also fill the prescription for some homeopathics and Lexaurin for the whole family You know…dessert Thank you BRIBER Hello, we are starting the auction for the office entrance, so who´d pay 30? Yes, miss with leukemia…Some pays more? 40? 40 mister with a cold, someone? 50 mister with a spine problem, 60? Yes, mister with cancer with 65 Euro Anyone? Yes, miss with a scratched finger, 500 Euros Ok, let me see it…Okay someone? First time, second time and sold! Come inside Oh, sorry, that´s urgent, we will continue in a while Come come come CAVEMAN Cough Everything is okay, say hi to your boyfriend Who do we have next… Ahhh, Miss Mia Khalifa… Miss Khalifa, I think there´s another shaft opnening in here OCCUPIED Doctor please, I know you have someone in there but I am really in a hurry I´m just going to buy a baguette…I´ll be right back Nurse *an hour later*
Doctor at least a nurse please She´s also up to a baguette…I´m sorry, I´ll be right back Mr. Čunderlík, we´ll see each other next week okay? Okay, so at 1pm? No no, time is only approximate. Come sometime between Monday and Thursday One more half an hour please, our system is down… Thank you Goodbye WRITER Adelka, did I bang it like a boss? Here´s your prescription, Doctor has also written information for you how to use the prescribed drugs I´ll be dead before I decode this You won´t be the first HUMORIST Go on Doctor, when I go up the stairs my hips start hurting And when I go down it is the knees And when I wake up in the morning my head is going to explode So…Wake up at noon! ALTERNATIVE HEALER Matej, I feel bad energy inside of you We need to get it out now We need to get it out… Shout HOUUU Yes, go on… You need to get rid of it… Kill it Matej kill it, stab it into the heart Matej, last step, inhale the holy Savo More, Matej And from now on you are protected For the rest of your life from chemtrails Thank you, I will come back again It was a pleasure meeting you, Matej My brother Every doctor in Slovakia would like to work in Austria We understand you! And what do you need that for?