– Hi. My name is Patrick Kim. I’m a trauma surgeon, and a trauma program
medical director at Penn Medicine’s
Level 1 Trauma Center. Uncontrolled bleeding
is the leading cause of preventable death
in trauma patients. So I’d like to talk to you
for a few minutes about tranexamic acid, TXA. TXA is a medication that helps us control bleeding after trauma. It works by
stabilizing the blood as it tries to form a clot
at the site of bleeding. It actually helps the clot
from dissolving. TXA is a medication
that’s been around for decades. It’s been used to treat bleeding
in a wide variety of patients in the emergency department
and the operating room, and it has a long track record
of being safe and effective in these patients. More recently, it’s been used
to treat bleeding from trauma, and based on
good medical studies of trauma patients
around the world including treatment
of combat casualties, TXA is clearly saving lives. It has the greatest impact
on survival in the patients who are bleeding the most. In one study,
TXA improved survival by 14% which is remarkable for
any single medical treatment. TXA is an important part of
our trauma center strategy to stop bleeding
and save lives. Although it’s not a replacement
for blood transfusion or prompt surgery, it’s an important addition
to these treatments. TXA is a safe and effective
adjunct to hemorrhage control in bleeding trauma patients whether given pre-hospital
or in the trauma bays. It’s a potential
life-saving treatment and should be considered
in your next bleeding patient. For more information
on Penn Medicine’s Level 1 Trauma Center,
please visit our website.