What does WindStar Medical actually do? This is Sandra Mueller. As a drugstore customer she is always delighted about about the large selection of products found in the health care shelves. But where do all these products really come from? This is where we at WindStar Medical come into play. WindStar Medical is one of the leading providers of healthcare products outside of the pharmacy. As an innovation leader we are constantly developing new products and introduce high-quality food supplements, medical devices and pharmaceuticals into drugstores supermarkets, discounters and diverse online shops. Our very broad assortment supports overall health and helps with all different kinds of medical conditions. Packs are not only available under our own brands but also under Private Label brands of our trading partners. But we do not just supply products! From idea to finished product on the shelf we offer many additional services for our products under one roof. For example, we create concepts, conduct market research, design packaging and provide a consumer service hotline. Our trading partners can surely rely on our expertise and many years of experience. We know the ropes, be it Regulatory requirements, trademark rights or certifications. We consult with each one of our trading partners and find individual solutions. Furthermore, we travel the world over to find new ideas and have a large network of international partners available to us. Our products are also found all over the world. However, you will rarely find the name “WindStar” on the packaging, but rather that of our subsidiaries. And how does this profit Sandra Müller? She – like all other consumers likewise – profits from high quality products at fair prices, which can be found on the healthcare shelves in many stores. For more information please visit our our website. The WindStar Medical Group.
Together. In Action. For health.