It’s not going to bite is it? Is it Tim Shaw’s head? Or mask? No. Not even slightly. It’s a Kerblam man. Hiya mate. Gutted. It’s a head with the big nose. Just going to guess… Kerblam’s. Yay! Is it the Kerblam head? Yeah it’s a Kerblam man head yeah. I knew it, I knew that one. Round two,
I’m losing one – nil. Ok. What? Right ok, so it’s not bubble wrap, so it’s not Kerblam. No, I’m going to have to say
I don’t know. Do you know why we didn’t
see them? ‘Cause it’s CGI. Can I have a look? What? Oh I have no idea. Oh no I’m never going to guess this. Do we get clues? This is part of
his costume. Ribbons. I didn’t get that right. It’s like a knife or
something innit. What is this? I don’t know what it is. Well I failed that one
didn’t I? Third time lucky. Ok, ready. What was that? That was horrible. What is that? I don’t like this one at all. What? Is it a spider? Yes! Is it? Spider. The spider episode. Is it a spider? Oh that’s disgusting. What is this bruv? It’s got hair on it. Oh spider. Spider. Three, two, one. What’s that? I don’t know what it is. Angstrom’s tracker. Yes! Yes! A triangle. I’ve probably never touched
this in my life. Oh that is so unfair. Is it one of the Doctor’s props? She doesn’t let us touch
her props, so I have no idea. I am going to have to… admit defeat. I don’t want her to win. I actually have no idea
what that is. Oh it’s the tracker. I’ll be honest,
I have never seen that ever. It’s like a triangle, when did we use
a triangle? I don’t know. What is this? I don’t know. Oh. Kerblam? Yeah? A Kerblam box. A Kerblam parcel with deadly… bubble wrap. Yes, I’m on fire now. I’m on fire. This is a parcel? Bubble wrap! So Kerblam? Yay! That was easy. Oh this is a box. A Kerblam?… wrapping paper. I got one! Ok. Um… Can I look? I just don’t know. Still don’t know, what is it? Do you remember them? I know what this is. It’s the grenades that
we um… Ranskoor Av Kolos. Yeah. Smashed it. But it’s the taking part
that counts, but smashed it. This is… the bomb, when we go to the planet and then we use the bomb to blow up the ship
and that. Yeah. Let’s just do stuff
that I touched and I’ve seen. I didn’t touch
those spiders, I didn’t touch
the tracker. Now just give me stuff
that I know man. Yeah next one,
I’m feeling good now. Er,
I can kinda see it. I’m going to cheat. Oh it’s a Dalek gun. I couldn’t tell
from feeling it, but I knew
as soon as I saw it. Oh we know what that is… Exterminate. Yes. Smashed that. Dalek gun. Smashed it. Absolutely smashed it. Feels like a… antenna or something. Oh, the Dalek ray. That’s not fair,
we didn’t touch it though. Did anyone get this? Come on Jode, you can do it. Ah,
I mean it feels absolutely rank. It feels like the oversize rodents in… Princess Bride. I mean it’s horrible,
it feels horrible, it feels horrible. Ah, I feel like it’s horrible,
what is it? Can I look? It’s awful. I do remember it, I do remember it, Ribbons’ snack, horrible. So I am nearly right,
it’s almost Princess Bride. Oh! Yeah delete all that. Ah, nah. Ah is it one of those things in um… Norway episode? Um it’s like a rat or something innit. Am I right? Nah, I’m good man. I’m alright. I’m fine,
it can stay right were it is in the box. You know what, we are done with this right? I’m just having some fun. Yeah put this one to the side, put it to the side. What the… Why’s it so heavy? Well it’s something rubbery. Teeth. Don’t do that at home. Ribbons’ rat. That’s so ugly. I did see that in there, it were hung up like that. Ribbons’ tail.