[Music] I want to be a doctor because it’s going to challenge me, and it’s important work, and I want to do something important with my life. I want to be the kind of doctor who makes her practice a safe space for her patients. I want to be a doctor because I believe health is one of the most important aspects of people’s lives. I want to ensure that everyone has equal access to health care and that everyone is treated equally in the health care system. So I want to make a difference by not only becoming a caring and compassionate physician but I also want to advance the frontiers of medicine through research. I want to make a difference in medicine by educating people on policy and becoming part of policy change in our country. This idea of culturally competent care is becoming ever so more important, and that’s a change that I want to be a part of and that I want to bring my background and my perspective into as a physician. Throughout my life I’ve had several interactions with providers where I was treated differently and I believe I didn’t get the care that I deserved. It’s really important for individuals who’ve had these experiences to to step up and join the profession to be able to change it. I want to make a difference by empowering people to reach their full health potential and to help them learn to be kind to others because I believe that one kindness leads to another. [Applause]