Now, Rusty, you know that I’m dying. If you don’t want me to go off and die
somewhere else, where you can’t watch, you’re going to have to stop shooting
at me. I agree to your terms. Well, I’m going to need some proof. You know what? You’re the very first Dalek
that ever got naked for me. You’re the first one,
like, the original version of the Doctor. My dear, you should get back
to the ship. This place isn’t safe. You’re the one who stole the TARDIS
and ran away. The Captain might be needing you. The Captain’s fine. Why did you do it? Oh, I’m sure your Doctor has explained. I’m not even sure he remembers. There were many pressing reasons. I don’t mean what you ran away from.
What were you running to? That’s rather a good question. Questions are kind of my thing. How are you with answers? Been a long time. Remember the good old days? When I got miniaturised
and I climbed around inside you? You taught me to hate the Daleks. Billions of years ago.
What have you been up to since then? Destroying Daleks. Yes, all the ones who come here
to murder you. Yes, I saw the mess outside. Why are you here? As a Dalek,
you are linked in to the Dalek hive mind. All Daleks are. Biggest database I know. I’d like to access it. Why would I help you? Because… helping me, in any way… does something wonderful. It hurts the Daleks. There is good and there is evil. I left Gallifrey to answer
a question of my own. By any analysis, evil should always win. Good is not a practical survival strategy. It requires loyalty,
self-sacrifice and love. So, why does good prevail? What keeps the balance between
good and evil in this appalling universe? Is there some kind of logic?
Some mysterious force? Perhaps there’s just… a bloke. A bloke? Yeah. Perhaps there’s just some bloke,
wandering around, putting everything right
when it goes wrong. Well, that would be a nice story,
wouldn’t it? That would be the best. But the real world is not a fairy tale. You dash around the universe
trying to figure out what’s holding it all together
and you really… really don’t know? You know me in the future.
Do I ever understand? No. I really don’t think you do. Everyone who’s ever met you does. You’re amazing, Doctor. Never forget that. Never, ever. Well, that’s very kind of you. We just needed to understand you, Doctor. Don’t forget to subscribe to the official
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