so why do eye doctors do LASIK eye surgery
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talking really answering some of the questions that you and other viewers
have asked on across all the different videos that I’ve made and so yeah we’re
gonna try to answer some of them here okay Aphrodite yeah it’s me I like that
name so Aphrodite do I have to clean my contact lenses every day even when I’m
not wearing it I use bi-weekly contact lenses so yes when you are using contact
lenses and you clean them disinfect them usually if you read the back of the
bottle of whatever disinfecting solution you’re using it’ll actually say how long
you can still leave your contact lenses in that solution so read the box
whatever you’re using I know I think optically pure moisture which is that I
usually use ought to double check but I believe it says you can use that up to
thirty days George Soros asks can you make a video about CRT orthokeratology, absolutely I’m hoping to actually make a video on that but I’m actually
trying to loop in another doctor friend of mine who fits a lot of
orthokeratology lenses and being that you know I fit a lot of them but he fits
just even ten times more than I do so I think it’d be kind of cool just to have
another guest on the show and talk a little bit more there but yes
orthokeratology lens if you’re someone who’s never heard of that they are
fantastic it’s kind of like an alternative to LASIK so that you can
actually wear contact lenses at nighttime and they actually morph the
surface of your eye and actually the next day you take out the lenses and so
you’re walking around the day without contact lenses in and you can see great
but then toward the end of the evening the surface of the eye kind of reshapes
back to its normal shape so things get a little fuzzy and then you just again put
the contact lens in overnight and you repeat the process and it’s an excellent
alternative for a lot of people is that true that you can clear the scratches on
the glasses using toothpaste honestly I personally don’t
know that this actually works I have tried using toothpaste to clean like CDs
and stuff like that and I don’t think it works at all no I probably guess not
fabiola asks can you make a video explaining about different types of
retinal vein occlusions well the answer to that is yes I hope to make a video
about that at some point however I’m not sure how many people are specifically
looking for that but I think it would be a really interesting video a retinal
vein occlusion is at the most basic level a stroke in the back of the eye
most commonly from elevated high blood pressure so this like people think of a
stroke happening in your brain and causing a lot of problems potentially
even death and that actually a stroke can happen in the back of the eye as
well usually an eye doctor will see something as a branch retinal vein
occlusion that’s where a single branch of a vein basically gets kind of clogged
up because of the way the artery is crossing over the vein and that causes a
backup of pressure and it causes the vein to burst leading to blood and fluid
building up inside the eye and that can actually cause the retina to swell and
that swelling of fluid can actually cause damage to the retina even more
serious is something called a central retinal vein occlusion that’s basically
where the entire central vein going to the eye gets blocked up and that
actually ends up with a lot of blood in the back of the eye we actually call it
blood and thunder and this is actually lead to not only decreased vision could
actually put a great risk of developing a very serious type of glaucoma so
whenever we see this in the clinic we have to act fast but yes fabiola of
course I will make that video for you at some point it may take me a little bit
to get to it but yes that would be a really interesting video basic point for
everybody who’s seeing this if you have high blood pressure taking medications
and try whatever you can to change your lifestyle so you can decrease that blood
pressure don’t want to be getting a stroke in your eye so why do i doctors
do LASIK eye surgery if they haven’t gotten it themselves oh that is a good
question first of all when it comes to LASIK there is kind of a lot you need to
understand when an eye doctor see somebody for LASIK even another eye
doctor we have to consider one are they a good candidate because of the power of
their eye and I personally do fit into that I can get LASIK too we have to see
if their cornea the surface of your eye is thick enough that again thankfully my
cornea is thick enough per the power of my prescription so I’m a good candidate
for that reason but number three is really motivation and is somebody who’s
going to have an evaluation before having LASIK eye surgery are there
expectations with the surgery in the realm of realism and that’s something
that a lot of people have trouble with they go in to have a lazy evaluation and
they think that you know LASIK will just be this miracle cure for them that
they’ll be able to see better than 20/20 and that’s not realistic at the same
time some people think I’ll get LASIK and that I’ll never never need glasses
of contact again that is also not true for multiple reasons one LASIK can only
get your vision as clear as like your glasses and contact lens prescription
will get you so if you’re somebody with a lazy eye like amblyopia that’s more of
a cortical thing going on in the brain and less a problem with this really the
correction of the eye so yeah they can correct it so maybe you’re not as from
you know they don’t have to rely on glasses as much but you’re still not
gonna see quite as sharp as an eye that doesn’t have like a lazy eye when it
comes to someone like myself I really I’m just at the personality I have just
requires to have really sharp vision all the time if I’m not seeing 20/15 I’m like
irritated by it and knowing that with LASIK eye surgery they usually on most
times can get people to see 20/20 a lot of the time but they can’t guarantee
they’re gonna get you to see 20/15 which is something that I’m already seeing
with glasses and contacts so for that reason I don’t think I would be super
happy getting LASIK on top of that one of the more common complications from
LASIK eye surgery is more of a dry eye sensation and I already have at least
some level of dryness on my eyes so to take that risk of going through getting
LASIK to not see as good as I do with contacts and then have my eyes even more
dry than they already are it’s just not worth it
but at least when it comes to LASIK for myself and other eye doctors I know that
a lot of adopters have had LASIK and they love it they really do
enjoy it there are some doctors who like myself have not had LASIK and it could
be either for the reason that I just said like I’m I know that I’m not the
best candidate for that procedure or it could be because I know one of my one of
my other actually one of my mentors in school she said you know I’ve seen that
less than 1% of people that have had complications and she just doesn’t want
to take that risk it is a little bit of a gamble there’s
truth with any sort of surgery that things can go wrong
it’s very rare like very very rare with LASIK but there are some people who have
bad outcomes so that is a kind of a risk that your eye surgeon will discuss with
you if you’re willing to take that very very small risk ok Canadian kid asks can
you do your own PD measurement and why do most optometrists not include that
with their eye exam this is actually a really good question we’re actually
discussing this at my own clinic the other week a PD measurement is your
pupillary distance between one people and the other and is generally used for
corrective lenses when prescribing glasses it’s actually you know
historically it used to be part of an examination because kind of opticals
used to be one-stop shop so you see the doctor they fit with glasses and that
includes the PD measurement and then they make you glasses now these days
there’s a larger separation between what I care professionals do in the actual
medical clinic versus what’s sold in the optical versus glasses so there’s like
the separation between glasses and medicine where it used to be all kind of
intertwined so a lot of doctors now we don’t measure the PD during the
examination because there’s really no point it’s not useful for us to figure
out what’s healthy for your eyes and what the right correction is that’s
something that really depends on the glasses you’re getting and what type of
glasses you’re getting if you’re somebody who’s just getting reading
glasses then the PD measurement your people are a distance measurement is
different than if you’re just looking in the distance and it also depends on
little micro things yes there are ways that you can measure your own PD or
people at a distance again at home whether you’re using just kind of a
ruler a centimeter ruler and look in the mirror there’s certain guides online
actually I should make probably a video on that there but there’s also some
different some things like that out there that you
could use in general though when you go to see an optician they don’t just
measure it with a ruler or sending me a ruler if you’re really into a specific
optical it takes things seriously they actually have a machine or a pupa
lammeter that will measure not just where your pupil is on one right eye and
then compared to your left it actually measures them individually because most
people’s eyes aren’t perfectly equal distance with their nose in between
they’re actually a little bit more to the right a little bit more to the left
so you may have one that’s like thirty four millimeters on the right side and
like thirty one millimeters on the left side and that’ll change where your
glasses are sitting and if they’re not sitting the right way then that’ll throw
off the whole prescription so yeah if you were looking to get really exact
measurements then yes go see an optical question of the day what other questions
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