My name is Melissa Mairs and I’m studying
a Bachelor of Medical Science at ECU. I’ve always wanted to help people and before
coming to ECU that was all I knew and I realised that Medical Science was the one for me because
of its structure and its goal line. When coming into the course I knew that we’d
be doing a lot of hands-on experience, but I figured that would be sort of stage one,
literally hold your hand through it experiments, but the things I did in this course are amazing.
We had a lecturer come in and she was from PathWest in the Haematology Department and
I actually got talking to her and was able to go and visit them and while there I got
a full stream tour of the labs and what goes on and every skills I’ve learnt I could
apply to what’s being used there. And I’m still only first year so that’s
really comforting to see that what I’m doing in my first year stage at this course is what’s
actually going to be happening in the workplace.