– Hey guys, this week, I want to talk about your unmentionables. Yep, I’m talking about your
underwear, my underwear. A few weeks ago I partnered
with Cotton Incorporated on a sleep video, now, we’re
diving into your drawers. First things first, why
do we even wear underwear? – Keeps stuff in place. – You get protected from germs. – Keeps like a nice
protective barrier between, I don’t know, your
pants, and, private area. – The materials that we think
look good for outerwear, aren’t necessarily the best
feel on some sensitive skin, that’s the vibe I get. – The answer to this is part
medical, and part practical. The area down there is more sensitive than other areas of your body. The skin is more sensitive,
than let’s say, your forearm. And that makes it susceptible
to chafing, itching, irritation, and underwear serves as a protective layer for you. On top of that, we’re all human, the private area sweats profusely, there’s occasional
unintentional discharges, and you don’t want that
to get on your clothes, on your pants, on your skirts. It’s easier to wash your underwear after single use than to wash
your pants or your shorts. The final reason why
underwear should be worn, is that so you can maintain
privacy at all times. That’s really just a nice way of saying, the world doesn’t need
to see your genitals. By the way, who was the first
person to look down and say, oh man, I need to cover this up. Let’s take a look at a brief
history of your briefs. Five to seven thousand years ago, there’s the first evidence
of humans wearing underwear. Fast forward into the
1500s, braies were now worn. In 1925, boxer shorts were invented. They were made for boxers. 1935, briefs came into existence. 1980s, thongs, 1992, the
first ever boxer brief. So where are we today? Well, Cotton Incorporated did a survey to see what styles are popular now. According to the summer 2018 survey, 69% of men now own boxer briefs, versus 42% of men who own boxers. Coming in at third, and
last place, are briefs. Which are only owned by about 24% of men. Making boxer briefs the preferred choice of underwear for men. For the ladies, the same survey found that half of women own
bikini style underwear, and prefer it for
everyday use and exercise. And for those special occasions, women went for thongs as
their underwear of choice. Interestingly, this survey
found that on average, people own 15 pairs of underwear. How many do you own? – A million, no, I do,
I do have my drawers, I buy too much underwear. – A lot, like… – Throw me an estimate.
– A hundred. – A hundred pairs of underwear,
so you’re a collector. – 20. – I’d say around like, 25, maybe? – 30. – Over 30. – Maybe five or six regular underwear, 10 girdle like underwear. (laughs) I think she might own like, two. – I feel like we’re going to have a moment of honesty right now. – I’m like an underwear fanatic, uh, 70? – It’s an interesting question, I’m actually growing
my inventory right now, I’d say, eight to 10. – I actually just went to check my drawer, and counted 34 pairs of underwear. 35. But why do they call
it a pair of underwear? – Because it’s got two little
holes to put your feet in. – Maybe because they got two legs. – That’s brilliant, mom, that’s brilliant. – Because I always carry an
extra one in my bag. (laughs) – Yeah, but! I’m trying to find out myself. – Okay, I thought you were,
you know, the expert, so. – They didn’t teach me
that in medical school. – Oh my god, I have no idea? Because you have two butt
cheeks, I don’t know? I have no idea! – Two legs didn’t cross your mind, but two butt cheeks was right. – It’s the same with pants, right, like a pair of pants, like
I guess, they are two holes. – But the pants have two legs. – I know but, I have a pair
of legs, for each hole, you know, I don’t know. – All right, let’s get
serious for a moment. What is the relationship
between underwear, and your health? I think it breaks down
into three key factors. Fit, style, and fabric. Fit, and when I’m talking about fit, I’m talking about too tight of a fit. Loose fitting underwear is
not generally a problem. When you’re wearing
underwear that’s too tight, not only is it unflattering
because it highlights your bulges and creates puckering, but it could also cause
chafing of sensitive skin, due to increased friction,
it can hurt circulation, and worst of all, it can cause something known as nerve impingement. The nerve gets irritated and inflamed from constant pressure
that it creates numbness and tingling in the area. You don’t want numbness
and tingling down there. Next up is style. And I know some of you pay attention more to the style than the
comfort of your underwear. Do you generally look
for style or comfort? – Style. (laughs) – The style, for sure, yeah. – Yeah, I’d say style. – You gotta look good, you know. (laughs) – Style, which is silly,
because like most people I think I’m the only person that sees, not the only person, but. – When I’m in a relationship,
I most definitely have like the style ones
that aren’t gonna be on long. Those are the ones that are just gonna like be on for like ten minutes. (laughs) – Ten minutes, that’s quick. But the style can actually
be quite important, because some styles of underwear can make you more prone to infections. Take thongs, for instance. Because of their design,
they’re more prone to moving around, and when that happens, they can facilitate transferred bacteria from the anus to the vagina. And that can make you predisposed to urinary tract infections. Also the designs of some underwear, particularly g-strings
can make more contact with the vaginal area, which can lead to increased friction
and rubbing on that area, leading to irritation. We can’t talk about style without touching on the boxer versus brief debate. For the longest time, we were saying that wearing briefs can hurt
the fertility of a man. The reason we thought that is because, sperm don’t like hot temperatures. And we thought when you
constricted the testicles, and brought them closer to the body, that increased the temperature, and made men less fertile. But after the National Institute of Health and other organizations did
some research into this matter, it looks like it’s not the case. So the current recommendation is that you should just wear whatever makes you most comfortable. Next up is fabric, and I know people have their own personal preferences here, but if you’ve ever visited the doctor, and had a brief conversation
about underwear, cotton was likely the recommendation that your doctor gave you,
and that’s for good reason. Synthetic materials like polyester, are not as breathable as cotton fibers, which can trap moisture,
and create a breeding ground for bacteria or yeast infections. That’s why one of the most
common recommendations a doctor will make to someone who gets frequent yeast or UTI infections, is that you should wear
cotton fabrics down there. Also, in doing this research I found a really interesting study that checked the odors after fitness session, of both polyester and cotton clothing, and they found that the polyester clothing had a much less pleasant
smell after a fitness session. This is because more bacteria, and specifically bacteria
that create bad odors, were attached to the polyester fibers. So if you want to smell better down there, probably should avoid those polyesters. I can’t let you go without
me giving you some tips on how to wear your underwear. Tip number one. Going commando during the
day is probably not ideal, from a hygienic or privacy standpoint, but at night, it’s not a bad idea. A little air down there
at night can’t hurt. Tip number two, use a mild detergent, or maybe even a hypoallergenic
one for your undies. Again, you have to remember
the skin down there is more sensitive than
the rest of the body, and is more prone to developing things like contact dermatitis. Which is an allergic inflammatory response to perfumes, or harsh detergents. Tip number three, probably the most important tip of them all. After sweating profusely,
and that could mean just being outdoors on a hot day, or going out and exercising,
you need to get out of your underwear as fast as possible and change into a fresh pair. Because the longer you stay
wearing that wet underwear, the more likely it is that you’ll develop a fungal or bacterial infection. They love dark and moist environments. So now, you’re an underwear expert. But I’ll ask you this question, do you know the style, fabric, and color of the underwear you’re wearing right now, and without looking? Because I don’t. – Okay, I actually have no idea. (laughs) I really have no idea, that’s so sad. – Lavender. – And style? – The seamless ones? – I don’t know what seamless ones are. – Boxer briefs, gray, oh, black. – Oh, black, you got them wrong! – Cotton, lace lining, bikini, beige. – Tommy Hilfiger, boxers,
light blue, cotton. – They’re cream, they
have a Calvin Klein band, and they are like, a cheeky, not a thong. – Fabric? – Cotton. Boom! – And again, huge thanks
to Cotton Incorporated for sponsoring this week’s video. If you have any comments or questions, please jump into the comment section. As always, stay happy, and healthy. (relaxed music playing)